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All About Studying Law at Australian National University


Studying law at the Australian National University (ANU) offers students a pathway to a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, providing a strong foundation for diverse professional careers globally. This blog explores the key aspects of the program, admission requirements, career options, and study options at ANU.

All About Studying Law at Australian National University
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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at ANU emphasises not only a comprehensive understanding of law and its contexts but also the development of high-level research skills through independent legal research opportunities. Graduates receive an honours degree, enhancing their career prospects and serving as a solid base for postgraduate studies. The program also satisfies the academic component required for admission as a legal practitioner in Australia.

Career Options for ANU Law Graduates

ANU's Bachelor of Laws (Honours) program equips graduates with a diverse skill set, opening doors to a wide range of professional opportunities. The program not only prepares students for traditional legal roles but also provides a foundation for success in broader fields. ANU law graduates may pursue the following specific occupations:

  • Barrister: Advocates in court, presenting legal cases.

  • Solicitor: Provides legal advice, prepares legal documents, and represents clients.

  • Legal Officer (Government or Private Enterprise): Works in legal departments, handling regulatory compliance and legal matters.

  • Corporate Legal Officer: Manages legal aspects within private industry, commerce, and finance.

  • Community Legal Work: Engages in legal advocacy and support for community issues.

  • Law Teaching and Academic Research: Educates future legal professionals and contributes to legal scholarship.

  • Judicial Support: Assists judges in legal proceedings and research.

  • Legal Journalism: Covers legal matters for media outlets, providing analysis and reporting.

Learning Outcomes of the Program

The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) program at ANU focuses on developing essential skills that empower graduates to excel in their chosen careers. These learning outcomes include:

  • Reviewing, Analyzing, and Synthesizing Knowledge: Graduates can adeptly analyse information from primary and secondary legal sources to propose solutions to complex legal and justice problems.

  • Interpreting and Critically Evaluating the Impact of Law: Graduates gain the ability to interpret the nature of law and critically evaluate its social and ethical impact on society at local, national, and international levels.

  • Conducting Technical Legal Research: Graduates learn to undertake technical legal research using a variety of legal materials, literature databases, and online sources. They can apply legal or interdisciplinary research methodologies to evaluate and synthesise findings.

  • Effective Communication: Graduates can communicate complex legal concepts to both legal and non-legal audiences through a range of oral and written formats.

  • Insight into Indigenous Perspectives: Graduates develop insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ diverse perspectives on laws and society. They can evaluate the relationship and importance of these perspectives to contemporary Australian law and society.

ANU's comprehensive program ensures that graduates are not only well-versed in legal principles but also possess the practical skills necessary for success in a dynamic professional landscape.

Eligibility Criteria

International applicants must complete a recognised sequence of study (secondary/senior secondary/post-secondary/tertiary) and undergo assessment based on an equivalent selection rank calculated during the application. A list of commonly observed international qualifications and corresponding admission requirements is available.

Diversity and Language Proficiency

ANU, representing Australian research and education globally, aims for a diverse student cohort. Competitive ranking may be adjusted to ensure access for outstanding students worldwide. Higher-level English language proficiency may be considered if needed. These requirements can be checked in detail here.

Fee and Scholarships Information

All students are obligated to cover the Services and Amenities Fee (SA Fee).

The annual indicative fee offers an approximation of program tuition fees applicable to international and, where relevant, domestic students. This estimation is based on a standard full-time enrollment load of 48 units per year unless the program duration is less than 48 units. Program fees may vary based on the selected courses, as fees differ by discipline. An annual review of course fees occurs, and typically, these fees experience an incremental increase from year to year. The payable tuition fees hinge on the year of commencement and the courses selected, with the possibility of an increase during the study period.

ANU provides an extensive array of scholarships designed to alleviate the financial burden of students during their studies.

The criteria for applying for ANU scholarships differ based on the nature of each scholarship and are categorised according to the type of student you are. Detailed information about the application process for each scholarship is available in the relevant scholarship listing.

For additional details, please visit the ANU Scholarships website.


ANU's Bachelor of Laws (Honours) program stands as a transformative experience, moulding graduates into adept legal professionals with a global perspective. The program's emphasis on critical skills prepares students for diverse career paths, from traditional legal roles to broader professional fields. ANU's commitment to inclusivity and global diversity is evident in its admission process and language proficiency adjustments, fostering a community of legal scholars with a worldwide outlook. Financially, ANU supports students through transparent fee structures and a range of scholarships, making legal education accessible. Overall, ANU offers a holistic legal education, enriching students with a comprehensive skill set and opening doors to a myriad of opportunities in the legal realm.

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