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How to save money before even going to the US?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Skills, marks and money stand as deciding pillars when we aspire to study abroad. All three hold equal importance. While we want more of the former two, we try to spend the last- money. So, here we have some tips and tricks for you to save your money by not compromising anywhere.

  • The Common App- It is an app through which one can conveniently apply to colleges and universities in the USA. One needs to fill in the details and apply for different institutions. All aspirants use this app, but only a few use the “filter” facility. It allows you to filter out universities on various criteria, and money is one of them. You can search where the application is free for international students. The app also has a whole dedicated section where one can find helpful information for saving money- the Financial Aid Resources section.

  • Webinars- This is a hidden gem. Many universities host webinars and sessions before starting the application process. In the sessions, students are briefed about the course, college, etc. But, the thing for our concern is that they offer fee waivers in those. Hence, just by attending a session, you can save yourself a ton of money. Princeton University is one of the many reputed names which do the above mentioned.

  • Scholarships/ Grants- Scholarships and grants are a great way to save money. Many governments, universities, and non-profit institutions offer scholarships. You just have to search a lot and before time. You must check the university website thoroughly. Common App’s Financial Aid Resouces section has a treasure full of opportunities.

  • University/ College’s website- Your dream college might surprise you by the amount of hidden content it has on the website. One should check the site extensively to get some extra benefits. For example, some universities offer waivers through webinars, as discussed above, some provide waivers for filling the application online rather than physical, and some give concessions to international applicants.

  • Talk to the administration- You can convey your concerns directly to the university. You can be given application fee waivers, grants, or any other concession.

  • AP Exam- AP exams are standardized tests to test your knowledge level of a particular subject. Different tests are there for different levels of difficulties of the same subject. You can appear for the test from India, and the credits will be transferred to the university in the US. Though the exam itself is heavily priced, it is still less than your expenses in the US. You can save money equivalent to one semester’s living expenses there.

These ways might look extremely simple, but these are very helpful in saving money before even going to the US. We wish you All the Best Wishes to study abroad and hope these points were of some use to you.

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