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Top Design and Animation Colleges in the USA and Canada


As the world rapidly evolves, its demands and needs undergo constant growth and change. One notable shift is evident in the realm of design and animation, an industry that is consistently expanding and broadening its horizons. By choosing to pursue a career in this dynamic field, particularly through enrollment in a renowned educational institution within a reputable country, you can significantly enhance your career prospects. This article will explore the leading design and animation colleges situated in the United States and Canada.

Top Design and Animation Colleges in the USA and Canada

Top Design and Animation Institutes in the USA

Here are the best colleges for design and animation in the USA according to the QS world rankings 2023:

1. The New School

Ranked 3rd globally, The New School in New York offers popular design and animation courses such as BFA in Design and Technology and BFA in Illustration. It emphasizes innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to design and fosters creativity.

2. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Ranked 4th globally, RISD in Providence offers renowned programs like BFA in Animation and BFA in Graphic Design. RISD focuses on fostering artistic expression, technical skills, and critical thinking to prepare students for successful careers in design and animation.

3. Pratt Institute

Ranked 7th globally, Pratt Institute in New York City offers popular courses like BFA in Communications Design and BFA in Film/Animation. Pratt Institute emphasizes hands-on experience, collaboration, and critical thinking to shape well-rounded design and animation professionals.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Ranked 8th globally, MIT offers notable courses like BFA in Art, Culture, and Technology and BFA in Design. MIT combines art, technology, and design principles to empower students to create meaningful and innovative works in design and animation.

5. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Ranked 9th globally, this Chicago-based institution offers courses such as BFA in Animation and BFA in Visual Communication Design. It focuses on nurturing creative exploration, conceptual development, and technical skills for aspiring design and animation professionals.

Top Design and Animation Institutes in Canada

Here are the best colleges for design and animation in Canada according to the QS world rankings 2023:

1. Sheridan College

Ranked 10th globally, Sheridan College offers esteemed programs such as Bachelor of Animation and Bachelor of Illustration. It is renowned for its industry-focused curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, producing highly skilled design and animation professionals.

2. Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Ranked 18th globally, Emily Carr University provides programs like Bachelor of Design in Animation and Bachelor of Media Arts. It emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, nurturing students to become versatile and creative design and animation practitioners.

3. Vancouver Film School

Ranked 24th globally, Vancouver Film School offers comprehensive programs in 3D Animation & Visual Effects, and Classical Animation. It has a strong industry connection, providing hands-on training and preparing students for successful careers in design and animation.

4. Concordia University

Ranked 31st globally, Concordia University offers programs such as BFA in Design and Computation Arts. It focuses on fostering critical thinking, experimentation, and interdisciplinary collaboration, producing design and animation graduates with a unique perspective.

5. Seneca College

Ranked 37th globally, Seneca College offers programs like Animation - Digital Production and Visual Effects for Film and Television. It provides practical training and industry partnerships, preparing students for diverse roles in the design and animation industry.


Pursuing a career in design and animation offers exciting prospects in today's rapidly evolving world. The United States and Canada are home to renowned educational institutions that provide exceptional programs in this field. From The New School and RISD in the USA to Sheridan College and Emily Carr University in Canada, these institutes have secured high global rankings due to their emphasis on innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and industry-focused training. Aspiring professionals can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic industry by enrolling in these top design and animation colleges.

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