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SAT is a standardized test widely used for Undergrad admissions in the United States and a few other countries. SAT or ACT score is a key component in the application process for many colleges. The purpose is to measure college readiness of the students and to measure all students under one roof. College Board, American not-for-profit organization is the owner and administrator of the SAT.

In India, nearly 35 universities accept the SAT score for admissions and the list is growing. Now, students can take one test, SAT, in place of many entrance tests and can apply to many universities in India and worldwide. India Global Higher Education Alliance founded by College Board is in partnership with Indian universities to simplify the admission process for Indian students. They also offer SAT fee waiver and scholarship programs for Indian students.

What is tested on SAT?

SAT is a paper-pencil test with 2 main sections; Evidence based Reading & Writing and Math.

Evidence based Reading & Writing has two tests, Reading, Writing & Language. Math has two components, No calculator and Yes calculator. SAT also includes an optional Essay section.

Reading section has passages based on literature, historical documents, social sciences, and natural sciences. Writing & Language are also passage based testing Grammar, vocabulary in context, and editing skills. Math sections mainly tests Algebra, Arithmetic, Data analysis, some Geometry and Trigonometry.


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