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Naveen Rai
Founder and Head Trainer

Mr. Naveen has had 11 years of industry experience, with careers in Investment Banking and the IT Sector (TCS, Sopra Group). He has worked diligently in the Education sector for 7+ years (Training & Development). He has been an Aptitude Trainer, Maths Faculty at MDU, PDPU, Gujarat. He has also been a Verbal Faculty at Jamboree Education, New Delhi. With a great passion for teaching, coupled with his abundant knowledge in creative and analytical domains, An extraordinaire in the field, he took it in his hands to lay the foundation to this very promising venture. A self-motivated and highly versatile man, he has been consistent with his tenacious efforts towards the betterment of Hello Study Global.

Avantika Singh
HR Manager

Currently pursuing Bachelors of Business Administration from Presidency College, Bangalore ; Avantika wishes to pursue Human Resources Management as a career. She hopes to apply the principles learnt in her management course to motivate and uplift the team. Her hobbies include therapeutic cooking and traveling. She is always active during team meetings and always puts forward innovative ideas and suggestions to the table.

Mehek Bhatia
Human Resources

Mehek has been an avid sportsperson for a majority of her life. She rides horses, swims, plays tennis and believes in the concept of work-life balance.

Umama Khursheed
Human Resources

Umama Khursheed is an undergraduate student currently pursuing bachelors in psychology honors from Jamia Millia Islamia University. She is responsible, hard-workingand, diligent and creative. Her punctality skills and convival nature stands to be her forte. She never skips on any opportunity to acquire knowledge and has an optimistic view towards life. She believes to put in all your  mind, heart and soul into even a smallest act as minute things makeup the whole.

Ashwina C Dev
Human Resources

Ashwina C Dev is a passionate college student currently pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration. She is a hard-working, optimistic person who tries every day to overcome her obstacles. She is a person of many talents and is a fast learner. She has been a part of several public speaking events and has always been fascinated by HR. In her free time she enjoys illustrating, travelling and singing.

Srijan Singh
Content Writer

He is a graduate with a EEE major, always looking out for new opportunities and exploring new possibilities! He is an avid quizzer and History lover.

Harshit Sharma

Harshit Sharma is an Environmental Engineering undergraduate student at Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE). He is an aspiring Engineer who enjoys connecting the dots: be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams, or applications from different industries. His passion lies in solving business problems with tailored data and algorithms and communicating complex ideas to non-technical stakeholders.He has a great enthusiasm for trains and has a Youtube channel with over 250k subscribers. Additionally, He has expertise in Social media, Video editing and Front End Web development.

Khushi Gupta

Khushi Gupta is currently pursuing Bachelor's in Political Science (H) from Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. She is interested in the study of international relations and human rights. She aims to be a human rights activist in future and aspires to make a small difference with her work in this field. She is a vibrant individual who is up for any task. She is currently working as a marketing and sales intern at HSG but does not shy away from contributing in other domains, be it content writing or web development.

Niyaz Navaz
Graphic Designer

Meet Niyaz Navaz, a hard-working individual with an intense desire to over-achieve. He never stops at the limits of a textbook and spends most of his spare time hunting down information about subjects that are necessary or not widely known. He has fallen deeply in love with knowledge and curiosity and perfection are his muses. He got immense knowledge about computers and the internet world. He is a multitalented person, a fast learner, extremely creative individual. He is currently in love with the designing world.

Arpit Pandey
Graphic Designer

Currently pursuing Bachelors of Computer Applicaton from Chandigarh University, Arpit has been coordinating transportation and promotions of various university events. He loves capturing landscape and travel memories in his camera. Being the founder member of student's digital marketing team of his University, He is always ready to help his mates with the techie stuff. He's exceptional in making digital posters, templates and online promotions. His blinkers mark his inclinations towards programming and designing.

Lakshya Baijal
Graphic Designer

Lakshya is a student of DPS RK Puram. He is currently in the Video editing department. 

Kanak Shringa Solanki
Web Development

Currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Noida International University, Greater Noida as final year student.  Her personality proposition includes fast learning capabilities and consistency in approach. She values opinion of others to collaborate gaining best results through teamwork.  She is a good listener and communicator having reasonable control in articulating her views to others. She is soft spoken by nature driven by own beliefs. Her hobbies include knowledge exploration through websites to gain substantial wisdom in contemporary subjects.

About HSG

We, at Hello Study Global, are driven by our resolve to ensure that your study abroad dreams reach fulfillment. We work tirelessly towards the singular goal of assuring quality education for each of our students. We are a one-stop destination for all your study abroad needs. We provide comprehensive online training in SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, LSAT, and PSAT, as well as admissions counseling.

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