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There are eight universities in New Zealand, all of which feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, a particularly impressive feat when you consider the country’s population is only around 4.7 million. In addition, New Zealand's higher education system also includes 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics, which offer vocational courses of varying lengths and levels, focusing on practical skills and hands-on experience.

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) is at the heart of New Zealand’s higher education system, ensuring that quality standards are maintained. Many students will be pleased to know that class sizes in New Zealand are small, which means you can expect good levels of tutor/student interaction. The country’s higher education system was ranked 16th in the world in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2018.

The Land of enthralling beauty, The country of New Zealand doesn’t just restrict itself to the beauty but proves to the world how it is a beauty with a brain. The Country of New Zealand is home to many Top institutions which are highly recognized in the world. Let’s have a look at the top 10 universities in New Zealand.

1. The University of Auckland

Ranked as the top Institution in the country, The University of Auckland, established in the year 1883 is one among the top 100 institutions in the world. They aim to provide extraordinarily innovate methods of education for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate scholars so as to provide them with an excellent environment to grow and flourish.

2. University of Otago

In the city of Otago is the highly reputed research institute which is known for excellence in fields of education and research. The students of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate research programs are guided effectively to become the brightest brains of the world.

3. Auckland University of Technology

The fastest-growing university in the whole of New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology produces graduates, postgraduates and scholars who emerge out as the most reputed people in the world, who are known to chase after excellence.

4. University of Canterbury

Ever since the year 1873, The University of Canterbury has been home to very promising students of great potential, who the world looks up to. They offer programs for undergraduates, graduates and scholars and aims to enhance and empower them to bring out the best of their capability for the welfare of the world.

Established in the year 1878, Lincoln University has a long legacy of shaping extraordinary minds. They offer undergraduate, graduate and research programs in fields of Agriculture, Horticulture, Business, Food, Beer and Wine, Sciences, Tourism and Environment among many other specializations.

6. Massey University

Under fields of Business, Sciences, Creative Arts, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, This University of Massey is the right place to enroll yourself in, if you’re looking for the right exposure to get yourself started.

7. Victoria University of Wellington

Situated in Wellington, The Victoria university, established in the year 1897 provides students with a variety of Bachelors, Masters and research programs, which would navigate them to become the success stories of the future.

8. University of  Waikato

Established in the year 1964, The University of Waikato is a perfect place where students are exposed to a vibrant community, excellent faculties, extraordinary facilities and everything that a student needs for their exceptional growths in their particular fields.

9. Manukau Institute of Technology

In the Newbury Street of Aukland, is the Manukau Institute of technology. Established in the year 1970, Manukau is one of the largest universities of Technology in the whole of New Zealand With its fully integrated educational environment, the university is the right place for a student to grow intellectually there is no reason why you shouldn't choose Manukau.

10. Unitech Institute of Technology

Studying the age-old theories and getting in touch with the latest findings is equally important. At Unitech Institute of Technology, One is prepared to excel in both. By combining the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, The Institute makes one ready to face the world and come up with even better innovations that would be remembered in the long run.

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