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Being the third most sought-after study abroad destination, Australia attracts a large number of international students every year. A huge number of students from around the world look for admission in Australia. 

  • In 2018, 869,709 international students were enrolled in education programmes in Australia, which was about 8.8% higher than in the year 2017

When it comes to universities in Australia for PhD, there is no dearth of good institutions. There are 43 universities in Australia, all of which are publicly funded, and supported/ accredited by the Australian Government.

Similarly, for MBA universities in Australia, there are several options. Melbourne Business School holds a global rank of 26.

Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is another higher education institution. It focuses on practical and professional training, and offers some postgraduate qualifications at or around a master’s level. PhD degrees are not awarded though.

In terms of higher education, Australia has several university associations or ‘mission groups’. These ensure quality and uniformity, while at the same time, maintaining the standard of education.

The Group of Eight (Go8): This is an elite organisation consisting of 8 research-intensive universities. Incorporated in 1999 and based in Canberra, and with 7 of its members in the world’s top 100 universities, Go8 has influenced the development of national higher education.

Here is the list of Go8 members:

  • The Australian National University

  • The University of Melbourne

  • The University of New South Wales

  • The University of Adelaide

  • The University of Sydney

  • The University of Queensland

  • Monash University

  • The University of Western Australia

1. Australian National University (ANU)

2. University of Melbourne

3. University of Sydney

4. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

5. University of Queensland (UQ)

6. Monash University

7. University of Western Australia (UWA)

8. University of Adelaide

9. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

10. University of Newcastle, Australia (UON)

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