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Study UG in Germany

Germany is recognised widely as a scientific, technological and innovation powerhouse where more than twelve percent of students come from abroad. It is the third most popular destination among international students globally because of its universities. The quality of education is one of its kind and has attracted students worldwide. Germany allows you to study in both German and English languages and does not ask for tuition fees, thus making it a land of great opportunities for the students applying for education in Germany. Also, the German universities are in the top 100 world rankings and are known to provide excellence in teaching.


Why choose to study UG in Germany?

World-class universities
Germany has a solid reputation when it comes to scientific and technical studies. Due to its world-class universities endowed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and faculty at the top of their field, Germany is the preference for international students. Of late, it has emerged as a preferred destination to pursue commerce and business studies.

Massive research funding
Both public and private organizations support and promote R&D in German universities. The aim is to foster academic talent and attract scholars and scientists worldwide.

Free undergraduate education in Germany
Since 2014, most public universities in Germany have abolished tuition fees for domestic and international students. There are, however, nominal administrative and public transportation charges that students do incur while studying in Germany.

Job opportunities across the EU and the world
Graduates from good German universities are highly employable. Many academicians hold positions in the industry, and students undertake live research projects while studying. This enables them to contact potential employers.

Mastering a new language
Almost all undergraduate courses in German public colleges are taught in the German language. One is required to provide proof of proficiency in German-TestDaF, DSH, etc. Most universities, on their website, mention the type of certificate or score. Studying the German language is challenging and opens up new horizons.

Career Prospects

After you have completed your studies, you can opt for Germany to pursue work. You need to be aware of the policies and visa rules so that you can stay and work after completing your studies in Germany. In order to work and stay in Germany, you need to apply again at the Foreigners’ Registration Office requesting to extend your residence permit to explore job opportunities.

Study Abroad Opportunities for Students Studying in German Universities

●      Different Erasmus programs

●      Erasmus Mundus

●      German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

●      International Summer Programme (International Summer Program)

●      Direct exchange with partner universities​

●      Fulbright program

Planning to Study UG in Germany

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