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Online Education

We often hear that Online Education is the future, but what we forget is that the future is now. It’s happening. It’s all over the place and has been gaining momentum ever since the pandemic led to a global lockdown. 


Everyone is online and everything happens in-here. Education has found a rather new medium which is totally worth the time and a gateway to the future. 


Why Online Education over classroom learning? Now, this can call up for a whole new debate, but what we need to concentrate on, is how convenient the whole process is. The Millennial generation who browse through YouTube and search engines before they call-up customer care, when something goes wrong, is indeed a remark upon how they have taken it to their hands to learn, be fast-paced and self-sufficient. Everything you need is at the tip of your finger and that’s one thing we’re all going to be grateful for. 


Education has never seemed so stress less, easily accessible, convenient and reliable. You can be sitting at the comfort of your home listening to the best tutors from around the world and be mesmerised by the knowledge you receive. You can save up on a lot of aspects and gain much more in the whole process of getting yourself educated over the online medium. What makes it more acceptable is how one can learn whatever they want, whenever they want, at their convenient pace and not be worried about external factors of travel, expenses, stay and a lot more. Bunny Points for all those of you who realize that it’s not only stress less and convenient but also much cheaper.


Well, that’s exactly what we aim to provide at the Hello Study Global. With proper utilization of technological developments and enhancements, we aim to provide friendly, reliable and convenient online training programs which are sure to help you get through different facets and hurdles. With a team who is always ready to hear you out, endless doubt discussions and a trustworthy environment, we provide an atmosphere for you to excel at what you do. At Hello Study Global, we work to see you shine with success, and that’s the word we truly stand by.

Progressive Programs

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you freeze because you aren’t able to find the right words? Do you run out of confidence because you have a feeling that your grammar isn’t on point? Do you think you have it in you, to give yourself a chance and redeem all that you lost and boost up that confidence? Well-Well, you’re at the right place.

Sometimes all we need is a little push and the right people who would wholeheartedly love to help you through your hurdles. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to follow the perfectly structured textbook norms, covering everything from articles, nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, as you do in your primary classes; sometimes all you need is someone who understands where you go wrong and help you through it in a very non-judgmental – friendly manner which would help you understand better and make things way easier for you. In here, we aren’t tutors, we are just your facilitators. In here, you don’t have to hold yourself back, because we’ve got your back.

This isn’t your usual Spoken English Class, but space where we promote speaking and learning of the language. We’d cover the basics, but not in the most-usual academic manner, but close to life experiences and expectations. We don’t promote mugging up but envision on a journey where you learn with time and succeed in it. Now, that is True Education.

We have a great line-up of progressive programs that would help you in your everyday affairs. With classes taken in one-on-manner, with fewer students and more attention, we make sure, none of you gets unheard. We sure understand the importance of how important it is to flaunt a language and feel confident in it, and it remains one of our priorities to help you with it and watch you learn and grow in the process.

What are you waiting for?

Qualified & Experienced Trainers

Mr. Naveen has had 11 years of industry experience, with careers in Investment Banking and the IT Sector (TCS, Sopra Group). He has worked diligently in the Education sector for 7+ years (Training & Development). He has been an Aptitude Trainer, Math Faculty at MDU, PDPU, Gujarat. He has also been a Verbal Faculty at Jamboree Education, New Delhi. With a great passion for teaching, coupled with his abundant knowledge in creative and analytical domains, Mr. Naveen is the epitome of the perfect educator. An extraordinaire in the field, he took it in his hands to lay the foundation to this very promising venture. A self-motivated and highly versatile man, he has been consistent with his tenacious efforts towards the betterment of Hello Study Global.

24 x 7 Support and Doubt Clearance

Doubt Class:

  • One to One interaction

  • Group sessions

  • Answer to queries within 20 minutes


Medium of contact:

  • Phone calls

  • WhatsApp

  • Google meet

  • Skype

  • Chat window during online classes


Timings of doubt session:

Good news for all enrolled students !

Faculty members are now available 24×7 for clearing your doubts. So, whenever stuck in a  question, pick up your phone and let us know.