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Working on a Laptop

Subject Matter
Expert (Computer)


• A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Experience with platforms W3Schools.
• Prior experience of te
aching Computer Science/programming language to students up to 12th grade.
• Knowledge of Java, C++, Python, DBMS, OOP, etc.


• Creative lesson planning.

• Strong hold on Java, C++, Python, DBMS, OOP, etc.

• Classroom management.

• Patience and understanding.

• Enthusiasm and friendliness.

• Communication skills.

• Critical thinking.

• Aptitude and passion for Computer Science


• The teacher will curate digital course material through learning resources on the web, multimedia, and other platforms.
• Taking regular Computer Classes as per the curriculum. (Up to class 12)
• Provide regular feedback.
• Deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.
• Lesson planning and conducting assessments.
• Engage with parents/students as needed

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