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The eight Ivy League schools — Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale — had a total of 281,060 applicants for the class of 2021. Of those applicants, less than 10% got admissions offers. Harvard had the lowest acceptance rate out of all the Ivies, at just 5%.

Clearly, getting into any Ivy League school is an impressive achievement.


Want to know exactly what it takes to get into Ivy League schools?

Don't worry, we are here with all you need. 
  • What grades are needed for Ivy League admission?
  • What GPA do you need to get into an Ivy League school?
  • What types of classes will impress Ivy League schools?
  • How to get into an ivy league with average grades?
  • What test scores are required for the Ivy League?
  • What extracurricular activities are needed for Ivy Leagues?
  • How can letters of recommendation improve Ivy League admission odds?
  • How to write college essays that impress Ivy League schools
Mr Naveen Rai is a Founder and Head Trainer at Hello Study Global and has helped hundreds of students to get admission to Ivy League Universities.  He has 11 years of industry experience, with careers in investment banking, IT, and the education sector. He has worked diligently in the field of Training & Development for the past 7+ years. He has been an aptitude trainer, maths faculty at MDU, PDPU, Gujarat. He has also been a Verbal Faculty at Jamboree Education, New Delhi. With a great passion for teaching, coupled with his abundant knowledge in creative and analytical domains, he founded Hello Study Global with an aim to help students achieve their dream of studying in reputed universities abroad.
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Parth Sarthi Sharma

I have known Mr Naveen for over 2 years now. I have known him not only as a mentor but as a friend as well. He was my mentor at Jamboree, Hudson Lane for the Verbal section and AWA coaching. He has gone out of his way many times to help me and other students of his whenever we faced an issue, be it related to academics or trivial life problems. His mentorship played a crucial role during my exams and the admits I got for my postgraduate studies, including 2 admits from Ivy League universities. I really appreciate everything that Mr Naveen has done for me. If you're looking for someone who will go out of his way to get a job done, Mr Naveen fits right in the description. 

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