Arushi Arora

“The assignments and the mock tests helped me a lot in my SAT preparation. The teaching methodology cleared my concepts and helped me score 1500/1600 on the SAT. My message to the students is to follow your dreams and work hard to achieve them.”

Shefali Arora

"I remember those two months before my SAT exam. Things were really going bad before I came to sir for help. In no time, I was able to improve my performance in the mocks. The same reflected in SAT results. Many thanks"

Neha Jain

"Thank you, sir, for your impeccable guidance because of which I was able to score 1520/1600 on the SAT. You made the learning process fun and enjoyable. Specially thanks for teaching me how to read fast which helped me a lot in answering the RCs."

Akshay Goel

“Thanks a ton for clearing out my doubts. I was not only able to pull out a good score on the SAT, but was also able to gain my confidence back in Maths”

Akhil Sangwan

​"Thank you for helping me out with my applications. Because of your help and with God's grace, I was able to secure admissions to all four colleges where I applied."

Rahul Viz

“I owe my score to your regular mentoring and motivation. Without your help, it would have been quite difficult to get a 750/800 in English”


“The faculty is amazing! The methods of solving questions- be it verbal or quant- were very efficient.”

Mayank Jain 

“My maths score went up from 700/800 in my previous attempt to 780/800 in the subsequent attempt. It was possible because of your guidance and support. I could reach out to you whenever I needed to. I'm very grateful to you for helping me out on such short notice.”

Maksimjeet Chowdhary

Not only a really helpful teacher who helped me score well on SAT (1540), but also a great person. Was an honour to be your student sir.