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6 Reasons to Join Hello Study Global


Not sure how to get yourself trained for GRE, SAT, ACT, GMAT, TOEFL, or IELTS? Looking for the right place to get started?


We are here to help you tackle the hitch.

Hello Study Global provides highly convenient and efficient online training for students to get through international examinations and set off to the university of their dreams.


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Not sure what you need to achieve a high score?

Tell us how you like to study & we'll find the most suitable program for you!

Hello Study Global provides Long Term and Short Term Programs We also run Fast-track Programs for the ones who’re already familiar with the course.  Students can reach out to trainers around the clock for support. We are Quick to Respond and also engage in One-on-one Sessions for more clarity. We make sure to get regular feedback and conduct various Assignments and Mock-Tests over time to provide our students with a Report of Performance. We are a highly committed team that shows great dedication to provide ample practice to the students to clear the exams with flying colors. We have a legacy of students who have performed exceptionally well in the standardized examinations and made it to Top Institutions around the globe.

Online Vocab Programs
GRE Fast-track Classes
Online SAT Program

16 Live Sessions to master the scientific way to memorize words and outshine in the world

12 Advanced Verbal sessions to help you through GRE exam with the perfect score you've been dreaming of.

Brighten your English and Maths skills all in a time span of just two months. SAT is no big deal when you've got us to help you with the hitch

Brief Overview of Short Term Program

What is Short Term Program?

This short term program will help you learn and master all concepts — from fundamentals to advanced — in a short span of time. Prepare better and reach a good score in just a few days.

Who should enroll in Short Term Program?

Short Term Program works best for students & working professionals who:

  • Want to prepare for the exam from start to finish efficiently.

  • Are unable to allocate a lot of time every day for exam preparation.

  • Are fast learners who don’t like to complete the syllabus and move on quickly.

  • Are giving their exam within the next 2 months.

How Can Short Term Program Help You?

  • Prepare Quickly But Correctly

  • Planned Practice Schedule

  • Essential and Advanced Lessons

  • Guidance at Every Step

Brief Overview of Fast Track Program

What is the Fast Track Program?

This quick-prep program helps you start and finish your exam preparation quickly! Get advanced lessons, mock tests, and personalized guidance from experts to fine tune your preparation at the last minute!

Who should enroll in the Fast Track Program?

Fast Track Program is designed to help students and working professionals who:

  • Are looking to prepare quickly with extensive practice.

  • Want a thorough revision of important concepts in the syllabus.

  • Are giving their exam in 30 days

How Can Fast Track Program Help You?

  • Learn what is necessary

  • Valuable last-minute tips

  • Highly personalized study plan

  • Guidance at Every Step

Brief Overview of Long Term Program

What is a Long Term Program?

This program provides a flexible study schedule that helps you prepare for your exam thoroughly without sacrificing your college requirements.

Who should enroll in the long term program?

Recommended for students who:

  • Want to balance their preparations and college responsibilities simultaneously.

  • Are you in the 3rd (or, pre-final) year of study

  • Are looking to prepare from scratch

  • Are giving their exam in 6 months' time.

How Can Long Term Program Help You?

  • Balanced study schedule

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Complete access to study material 

  • Guidance at every step

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