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What is the Digital SAT?

The College Board is releasing the new ‘digital SAT’, which will roll out in 2023 and 2024 for international and USA students, respectively, in the spring semester. The things that will remain the same are the total score (out of 1600), scale conversion (1300 SAT= 1300 Digital SAT; “super score”), Testing Site (test center or school), subjects (Reading, Grammar, and Mathematics), multiple-choice answer format and college application or readiness.

When should you be taking the test?


Aspirants can take the SAT in any of the following months-March, May, June, August, October and December (Please check the schedule here).


The following are the months when you should be targeting the first and second attempts of your SAT.


1. If you are in Grade 10 (sophomore year), you should take your SAT attempts between the months of October to December.
2. If you are in Grade 11 (junior year), you should take your SAT attempts between the months of July to October.
3. If you are in Grade 12 (senior year), you should anyhow take your SAT attempts before the month of October.

What makes our services unique?

To help you achieve a great score in the SAT, HELLO STUDY GLOBAL offers services with the following features:

  • It covers all the sections of the exam

  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions  

  • Recorded lectures and study material

  • Online full length and sectional Mock tests

  • Softcopies of all the exceptional study material.

How to apply for SAT services?

HELLO STUDY GLOBAL can easily be contacted by just visiting our website and scheduling a call with the team who would approach you to solve all your queries and assist you with the enrolment procedure.

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Experienced Trainers

We conduct sessions that let students grasp all the concepts clearly

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24x7 Support

HSG will always be available to help students  throughout the training 

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Best Study Material

We provide customised,updated and effective study material to the students

Test Preparation

The following blogs display detailed content on different aspects of the digital SAT. Click on any relevant blogposts to find out more:

For registration assistance for SAT 2024



SAT Test Dates and Registration 2024

SAT is conducted in India in the months of March, May, August, October, and December.


Take Advantage of these Free Online Resources to Accelerate your SAT Preparation.

SAT Mathematical Concepts & Formula

Important Things To Remember & Formulas used in SAT

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Boost Your SAT score

Do you want your score to increase from 1120 to 1470 in just two months ? Join our crash course


SAT Exam Syllabus & Pattern 

How to register for SAT?

Preparatory Tips For SAT

SAT Practice Test Series

  • Q). How can I register for the IELTS test?
    A). You can register for the IELTS test online, or by completing a form and submitting it at local test centre. ​
  • ​Q). How long is an IELTS score valid?
    A). IELTS score is valid for 2 years. ​
  • ​Q). How soon can I re-sit for the test?
    A). A candidate may re-sit in the IELTS tests at any time. ​
  • ​Q). How soon do I get my score?
    A). The scores are available 13 days after the exam date. ​
  • ​Q). What is the cost/registration fee of IELTS?
    The IELTS test fee is INR 14000. ​
  • Q). What are some of the best institutes that accept IELTS scores and provide scholarships for the same?
    You can read the blog IELTS for more information regarding universities and scholarships. You can also book a free demo counseling session with us to solve your queries. Contact our counsellors today! .
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