Exam Schedule 2022

Advanced Placement (AP) shows that, while still in high school, you have acquired university-level knowledge and skills. Taking AP exams and scoring 3 or higher (out of 5) in college can bring you some advantages like many universities give credit or advanced placement for qualifying AP Exam scores of 3 or higher.

AP Exams are standardized exams designed to measure how well you have grasped a specific AP course’s content and skills. Most AP courses have a paper-and-pencil end-of-year examination, but a few courses have different ways of measuring what you have learned—for example, AP Art and Design students submit a portfolio of work for scoring. AP tests are exams on specific subjects at the college level and are administered in May after the completion of an AP course taken at the high school of a student. A high enough score will earn the student college credit at many universities and colleges. Earning college loans will mean an overall lower college tuition bill in some instances. In May, AP tests are only offered during a two-week period, so you need to plan ahead if you’re going to take them.

There are some new updates on AP exams 2021 - 

  • AP exams 2021 will be conducted between early May and mid-June.

  • Three testing dates (Administrations 1, 2, 3) will be available for each subject between early May and mid-June.

  • Administration 1 is from 3rd May to 17th May which are conducted in the test centers as paper-pencil tests.

  • Administration 2 is from 18th May to 28th May in which half of the subjects are conducted in the test centers as paper-pencil tests and the remaining subjects are taken digitally at home.

  • Administration 3 is from 1st June to 11th June in which all the subjects are digitally taken at home.

  • Exam registration is open from February 11 and ends between March 8-12, 2021.

  • AP test centers operate independently, so registration, payment instructions, exams offered, deadlines, fees may vary.

Week 1
Morning 8 a.m. , Local Time
Afternoon 12 noon, Local Time
Monday, May 2, 2022
Japanese Language and Culture United States Government and Politics
Chemistry Spanish Literature and Culture
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Environmental Science
Wednesday, May 4 2022
English Literature and Composition
Comparative Government and Politics Computer Science A
Thursday, May 5 2022
Human Geography Macroeconomics
Seminar Statistics
Friday, May 6, 2022
European History United States History
Art History Microeconomics
Week 2
Morning 8a.m., Local Time
Afternoon 12 noon, Local Time
Afternoon 2 p.m., Local Time
Monday, May 9, 2022
Calculus AB Calculus BC
Computer Science Principles Italian Language and Culture
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
English Language and Composition
Physics C: Mechanics
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Chinese Language and Culture Spanish Language and Culture
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
Thursday, May 12, 2022
French Language and Culture World History: Modern
Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Friday, May 13, 2022
German Language and Culture Music Theory
Latin Physics 2: Algebra Based