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Study MBA in New Zealand

​If you are looking to pursue an MBA in manufacturing, construction, supply chain, logistics and tourism and hospitality, New Zealand is the place to head for. Many Indian students choose universities in New Zealand because of their advanced curriculum, excellent infrastructure and earn-while-learn opportunities. MBA degree from good New Zealand universities is respected and recognised everywhere, paving way for a successful career anywhere in the world. 

Why choose to study MBA in New Zealand?

  • Affordable MBA program

  • MBA is New Zealand is relatively more affordable than similar programs in other developed countries. Curriculum offered is up to date and most programs allow for pursuing different elective combinations. Course duration generally ranges from 12 to 18 months.

  • Easy eligibility criteria

  • B-schools in New Zealand have relaxed eligibility criteria with most requiring only mid-level IELTS scores. Some universities also require GMAT scores in addition to IELTS scores. However, most MBA programs in New Zealand do require a minimum work experience of 3 years.

  • Good job opportunities

  • If you are smart enough, you can land a job in New Zealand fairly easily. In New Zealand, more than anywhere else, networking is the key. Join clubs and groups at college, stay in touch with your professors and officers at the career development center and build as many contacts as possible. Since you can work for 20 hours during term and full-time during holidays, it would be good if you can leverage the contacts you build during this time.

  • Permanent residence in New Zealand

  • Some students go for studying in New Zealand with a view to settle there permanently. Students joining mid-level (and above) managerial positions have a good chance to get PR if they score well on the merit-based point system for immigration in New Zealand.

Planning to Study MBA in New Zealand

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