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Study MBA in UK

UK has 6 B-schools in the top 50 list & 12 B-Schools in the top 100 list of the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018

UK came eighth in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2017-2018, ahead of Finland, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand and Canada


Why choose to study MBA in UK?

Worldwide recognition

B-schools in the UK are famous for their academic rigour, innovative teaching methods and world-class research facilities. The high quality of business education is sure to give an edge to your career.

GMAT not mandatory

In some UK universities, GMAT is not mandatory. A good IELTS score and great applications are sufficient to get an admit.

Loans and scholarships

MBA in UK is a coveted degree recognised by education abroad loan providers. Add to that a number of government and college sponsored scholarships, and the universities in UK become significantly more accessible than other EU universities.

Multicultural nation

UK is a truly vibrant and multicultural place. This makes it easy for Indian students to integrate well into the society both on and off the campus.

Job opportunities

MBA in UK universities opens doors to working in Europe and in the rest of the world. Highly-valued MBA degrees from UK are recognised and respected by MNCs and other organizations making it easy for MBA graduates to get employed in the job of their choice.

Top B-Schools in UK

  • London Business School

  • Oxford (Said)

  • Imperial College

  • Cambridge (Judge)

  • Cranfield University

  • University College, London

  • Warwick Business School

Student Visa Terms and Provisions

UK student visas are based on a transparent Point Based System (PBS) which requires that students gain at least 40 points before applying for a visa. Here are the important points to be noted regarding the student visa application process:

  • The applicant must have received the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for a full-time degree course from the university sponsoring its education.

  • Institutions with the power to sponsor visas in this way are said to hold Tier 4 Sponsor

  • The intention of leaving the UK after completing the degree must be clearly stated during the visa interview.

A student applying for a UK study visa cannot hold a full-time permanent job. However, after graduating, one can apply for a work permit under INF 13 for employment in the UK.

Planning to Study MBA in UK

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