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A Comprehensive Guide to World Education Services (WES)


Exploring global education presents a myriad of challenges, with the evaluation of academic credentials emerging as a crucial aspect. In the pursuit of educational or professional endeavours in the United States or Canada, individuals turn to World Education Services (WES) as a prominent provider of credential evaluation services. This blog offers a comprehensive guide to  World Education Services (WES), understanding its significance, and navigating the step-by-step process of obtaining a WES evaluation.

A Comprehensive Guide to World Education Services (WES)
Source: Distance Education School

What is WES?

World Education Services, commonly known as WES, is a leading credential evaluation service in the United States and Canada. Established with the primary objective of facilitating seamless communication between educational institutions and prospective students or employees, WES evaluates credentials from around the world. As a founding member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES), WES has become the largest and oldest assessment service in the field.

WES evaluates over 200,000 credentials annually, offering academic equivalencies that enable individuals to pursue further education or employment in the USA and Canada. Notably, WES operates independently, with no official agreements with any country's educational systems, ensuring impartiality in its evaluations.

When to Apply for a WES Review?

Understanding when to apply for a WES review is crucial for individuals seeking academic or professional opportunities in the United States or Canada. If you've completed your education outside these countries and plan to study or work there, a WES evaluation can provide insights into your academic qualifications, aligning them with the standards of the USA and Canada.

The assessment aids in identifying suitable universities based on your academic background and also helps determine career opportunities in these countries. Initiating the WES review process is particularly beneficial for those looking to make informed decisions about their educational and professional pursuits.

How to Apply for a WES Evaluation?

The application process for a WES evaluation involves several key steps:

  • Fill out an application on the official WES website and obtain a reference number.

  • Compile all required documents and submit them to WES through your college, accompanied by the specified payment.

  • After document verification, WES proceeds with the evaluation process. Once completed, the evaluation report is sent to the selected universities or institutions.

Documents Required

The list of required documents for a WES evaluation varies based on the candidate's country of education, type of study, and other criteria. Essential documents include:

  • Certificate of completion or temporary completion of a degree

  • Annual statement of marks

  • For specific master's degrees, undergraduate degree documents may not be required.

The documents must be dated, sealed in an official envelope, and signed or stamped by the college's designated authentication officer.

What Does WES Evaluation Include?

WES offers two main types of evaluations:

  • Document-by-Document Evaluation: Provides a summary of academic qualifications, including the name of the university, year of degree completion, and major field of study. Cost: $100 (INR 7352).

  • Course-by-Course Evaluation: Includes all information from the document-by-document assessment, along with a list of post-secondary courses and their grade equivalents in the US/Canada. Cost: $160 (INR 11764).

Duration of WES Review

Typically, WES completes the review process within seven business days, depending on the type of service requested. However, additional time may be required for verification or investigation. To ensure timely completion of the evaluation report, initiating the process as early as possible is advisable.


In a world where international education and employment opportunities are highly sought after, understanding the role of credential evaluation services like WES becomes paramount. By providing a comprehensive overview of WES, its application process, and the significance of the evaluation, this blog aims to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate the academic frontiers and pursue their aspirations on a global scale.

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