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SAT Test Series

SAT Test Series



After getting familiar with the nitty gritty of SAT, it is important to take full length and sectional tests. In this test series you get 5 full-length mocks, 60+ topic-wise tests, and 10+ sectional tests, which would enable you to put theory to practice and test your learning. We provide you with a Simulated Test Interface – akin to the actual exam. 


Various benefits of taking full length and sectional tests are that you:

1. Discover your strengths and weaknesses

2. Get familiar with the questions on the test

3. Build your stamina and prevent examination fatigue.

4. Train yourself to work in a high pressure situation


Some of the features of our test series are:

1. Assessment Solution 

2. Instant access to Sectional & Full-length Mocks tests

3. Analytics to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses

4. Timed tests to help you hone your time management skills

5. Interactive interface 

6. Validity: 6 Months

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