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Applications Deadlines for Spring 2025 Graduate Programs at B Schools


The May intake for graduate programs at top business schools offers an alternative for students who miss the January start or prefer a mid-year entry. Running through the standard academic year, this intake has application deadlines between February and April. Benefits include less competition and alignment with international academic schedules. This guide outlines key steps and deadlines for the May 2025 intake, covering course selection, documentation, application submission, and visa planning.

Applications Deadlines for Spring 2025 Graduate Programs at B Schools
Source: QS



  • Typically starts in April/May

  • Lasts for the standard academic year


  • Applications usually close between February and April


  • Alternative start date for those who miss the January intake

  • Mid-year start offers flexibility

  • Aligns with academic schedules in other countries

  • Less competition for admission compared to September intake

Timeline for May Intake

Course Selection (October - December of Previous Year)

Finalize choice of universities and programs

Documentation (December - February)

Gather necessary documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, English proficiency test scores)

Application (February - March)

Submit applications to selected universities

Check specific application deadlines for each university

Fee Submission (March - April)

Pay application fees for each university applied to

Essay Submission (February - March)

Write and submit required essays or personal statements

Scholarships (Varies)

Apply for scholarships available for May intake

Note that scholarship application deadlines may differ from regular application deadlines

Receive Admits (April - May)

Await admission decisions from universities

Prepare to accept offers of admission and proceed with necessary next steps

Plan Visa (May - June)

Initiate the visa application process upon receiving admission offers

Submit visa application and required documents promptly

Application Deadlines 

University Name

QS World University Rankings 2024

UK May Intake 2025 Deadline

Brunel University London


31 January 2025

Ulster University


31 January 2025

Coventry University


7 January 2025

Northumbria University


1 December 2024

University of East London


27 November 2024

University of West Scotland


25 January 2025

Queen Mary University of London


31 January 2025

University of Kent


4 December 2024

University of Greenwich


31 January 2025

University of Chester


30 January 2025


The May intake provides flexibility and reduced competition for graduate program applicants. By following the outlined steps and meeting deadlines, candidates can efficiently navigate the admissions process. This alternative start date supports educational and career goals, aligning well with international academic schedules.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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