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Scholarships in the UK for international students

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Studying abroad is expensive. There's a lot to take care of when you are an international student in a foreign country. The UK is one such country with numerous study-abroad opportunities. To help students with their tuition and other expenses, several Scholarships have been introduced by the government and the universities.

1. Chevening Scholarship:

Government Scholarship offered to international students.

Type: Need and Merit-Based

Eligibility: Masters in the UK

Work Experience of 2 years required

Fully Funded Scholarship

Duration: 1 year

2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

The students applying for the Post Graduate Programs at the University of Cambridge can apply for this Scholarship.

Type: Merit-Based

Eligibility: Post Graduation of 1 year, Ph.D., M.Sc. or M.Litt.

Fully Funded Scholarship

Awarded to 55 International students

Duration: 1 year

3. Imperial College London Scholarship:

The institute awards several scholarships to its students by collaborating with different organizations.

112 Scholarships are awarded to Undergrad students, and around 74 scholarships are awarded to Post Grad students.

The grants vary based on the type of Scholarship awarded.

Tuition fees and other academic fees are waived.

4. University of Reading Empowering Change Scholarship:

Specially designed to assist international students studying at Reading financially.

Type: Need and merit-based

Partially funded Scholarship: About £10000

Masters students only

5. Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship: Available for students studying or applying for the University of Oxford. Awarded by the Pershing Square Foundation

Type: Merit-based

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility: Masters and MBA

Fully Funded Scholarship (Includes tuition fees and about £15000 towards living expenses)

5 seats available

6. The University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship:

Available to all the Undergrad and Postgrad students applying for the majority of courses available at the university.

Type: Merit and Need-based

Fully Funded Scholarship (cost of tuition fees only)

Duration: Bachelors:3-4years

Post Grad and Masters: 1-2 years

7. University of Edinburgh Scholarship:

The University of Edinburgh provides various types of Scholarships to its students.

Eligibility: Bachelor, Master, MBA, and Ph.D. students

Type: Need and Merit-based

For bachelor's programs, 3 faculty scholarships are available to international students.

Partial financial assistance or stipends are provided.

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