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Universities in the UK, USA, and Canada offering MS in Data Science

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Data Science has emerged as a popular subject being opted for by numerous students for their Master's. With the US, UK, and Canada as a hub for education abroad, students find these countries their top priority. Many universities worldwide offer Masters in Data Sciences and MS in Data Science.

MS in Data Science is being offered by the following universities worldwide.

Popular Universities for MS Data Science in the US:

  1. University of Wisconsin, Madison

  2. Boston University, Boston

  3. Georgia Institute of Technology

  4. Northeastern University, Boston

  5. University of Maryland, College Park

  6. University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis

  7. Texas A&M University

  8. Rochester Institute of Technology

  9. University of Texas, Dallas

  10. Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo)

Popular Universities for MS Data Science in the UK:

  1. University of Edinburgh

  2. Kings College, London

  3. University of Manchester

  4. University of Glasgow

  5. University of Birmingham

  6. University of Sheffield

  7. University of Southampton

  8. Lancaster University

  9. University of Sussex

Popular Universities for MS Data Science in Canada:

  1. The University of British Columbia

  2. University of Toronto

  3. McGill University

  4. Queen's University

  5. University of Western Ontario

  6. HEC Montreal

  7. Simon Fraser University

  8. Ryerson University

  9. Carleton University

  10. University of Waterloo

In summary, the pursuit of a Master's degree in Data Science is a common preference among students, and the US, UK, and Canada provide remarkable programs. Since there is an escalating demand for qualified professionals in this area, it is essential to choose a reliable university that offers a thorough curriculum. The aforementioned catalog of well-known universities that offer MS in Data Science can be an initial step for students interested in this captivating field of study. By selecting the appropriate institution, students can prepare themselves with the required skills to excel in the competitive employment market.

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