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Updated GRE Pattern 2024

Updated: Apr 6


The GRE is a widely recognized test used for gaining admission to prestigious management programs at renowned universities worldwide. If you plan to take the GRE in the future, it is crucial to stay updated on the upcoming changes that will come into effect from September 2023. This blog will explore the modifications taking place within the GRE.

Updated GRE Pattern 2024
Source: Meridian Studies

Updated GRE Pattern

Starting September 22, 2023, the GRE® General Test is getting better! It will be shortened to just under 2 hours, and score reporting will be faster, allowing you to submit your applications sooner.

The upcoming changes to the GRE will include the following:

  • A duration of less than 2 hours, making it the shortest general skills test for graduate and professional program admissions.

  • Reduction of 46 Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions, alleviating test-taking fatigue.

  • The inclusion of only one Analytical Writing essay, compared to the current version's two essays.

  • Continuation of measuring the same skills and featuring the same question types, meaning that if you've already begun preparing, you're in excellent shape for the GRE!

An Overview



Estimated Timing

Analytical Writing

1 section, 1 essay task

30 minutes

​Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections, 27 questions total

47 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

2 sections, 27 questions total

41 minutes

Total Time

1 hour, 58 minutes

How to Prepare?

In September, you can expect preparation resources and practice tests tailored for the shorter version of the GRE. However, there's no need to wait until then to start your preparation!

While ETS removes the "Analyze an Argument" essay task from the Analytical Writing section, all other questions in the GRE General Test will remain unchanged. This means that your existing prep materials are still relevant and can be utilized to help you prepare for test day.


The updated GRE General Test pattern introduces significant modifications, such as a shorter exam duration and faster score reporting, aiming to expedite application submissions and alleviate test-taking fatigue. Changes include a reduction in Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning questions, one Analytical Writing essay, and other format adjustments. Despite these changes, the test still evaluates the same competencies, making existing study resources applicable. Specialized materials for the shorter test will be available in September, but the current practice remains crucial. The revised format ensures practical talent assessment while streamlining the testing process, allowing candidates to prepare confidently for success by staying informed and utilizing available resources.

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