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When it comes to studying abroad, your overall profile is considered an important indicator of who you are, so when considering going abroad for further studies, you must build a solid profile that maximizes your chances in various universities. Your profile is made up of various things one of which is your graduation score which shows how academically active you were in your graduation hence it becomes a must to have an acceptable GPA, however, if your score is not satisfactory still it can be compensated for.

HOW? let's discuss this.

1) High score in the qualifying examination

It's the top-ranked universities in the world that consider every other detail, however, there are reputed universities that put more emphasis on the qualifying examination score.

2)Relevant work experience

Having relevant work experience is considered one of the best ways to compensate for a low GPA, as working professionals are preferred over freshers worldwide.

3) Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities in university or school are a really helpful way to boost your profile for ex: Internships, events, fests, hosting shows, etc.

4) Take up various certifications/courses

There are various certifications and courses both long-term and short term that you can take up for more knowledge and strengthen yourself as an individual and also obtain an edge over others, some of these courses being CFA by CFA Institute, fundamentals of digital marketing by google inc etc.

5) Essay

An essay is a great way to give the universities a perspective that you want them to have of you. It's your chance to let them know how you are a right fit for the university.

6) Skills

Possessing various skills whether hard or soft like quantifiable skills, coding, etc. or skills like communication, leadership, and planning, etc. is definitely a great way to make up for your low score and make your profile stand out of the crowd.

These are some things to help you not just with your graduation score but with your overall application process, however we very well know that the application process can be overwhelming but that's where we come into the play. The study experts at Hello Study Global are with you for your every step of the way. From the beginning to the end, we will guide you to success.

Feel free to reach us at Hello Study Global.

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