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The United Kingdom is a land of opportunities, holding to its prestige are the oldest and the top-ranked universities in the world which has produced promising and well-accomplished students who became leaders and laureates of the future. Here is a glimpse of the top universities in the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the topmost study abroad destinations; and why not! A country with a rich historical and cultural past, the UK did not lose any time in catching up with other developed nations in terms of education, technology and innovation. Every year, a huge number of students from around the world look for undergraduate courses in the UK, master’s courses in the UK, MBA universities in the UK, and also universities in the UK for PhD.

  • According to 2018-19 statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, 485,645 international students were pursuing their degree in the UK.

There are over 100 universities in the UK which offer a variety of degree programmes. Most undergraduate degree programmes in the UK take three years to finish; there is another category known as the ‘sandwich course’ with a duration of four years. The sandwich course involves one year (normally in the third year of studies) in the workplace.

University of Oxford

A university that needs no introduction. Oxford University is recognised as the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Dating back to 1096, it has produced gifted women and men who are highly regarded; among them are many British Prime Ministers, International Leaders, Nobel Prize Winners and Olympians.

The University offers admissions for Under Graduate, Graduate and Continuing Education in various courses. Students learn under the best possible guidance, in a beautiful location in Central Southern England, where they’d meet the brightest brains in the world.


University of Cambridge

What if I told you, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and Charles Darwin went to the University of Cambridge? The list of alumnus doesn’t end here. This prestigious medieval University has a long endless legacy of producing the best out of ‘the best.’ Many Notable Nobel Laureates, Actors, Leaders have been affiliated with Cambridge as students, alumni, faculty and research staff.

The university which is ranked 7th Globally offers admission in Under Graduate, Graduate and Research programs. One enters Cambridge to only pass out of the university as promising individuals that the world would look up to.

UCL is the No.1 London university for Research Strength which is recognised for its academic excellence and global impact. Situated in Bloomsbury, London, the University offers 440 Under Graduate programs and 675 Post Graduation programs. Established in the year 1826, UCL is home to students from 190 countries across the world making it a perfect place for cultural exchange.


 Imperial College London

Situated in Central London, Imperial College London is the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on subjects of Science, Engineering, Medicine and Bussiness. Ranked among the top 10 Universities in the world, Imperial is committed to developing the best of researchers, scientists and academics. They have a variety of Bachelors and Masters degree programs that is sure to provide a student with the best of education and exposure.

The University of Edinburgh

One of Scotland’s Ancient Universities, Edinburgh University has produced an incredible number of great students over a time-span of 425 years. Located in a cosmopolitan region right in the capital, students are exposed to an environment which is culturally engaging and are shaped into better humans. The University known for its immensely powerful International reputation has produced students who came up with innovations that influenced the world and placed the university at the forefront.  Their Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs broaden the knowledge of an individual and make them ready for a world of great opportunities.


How beautiful of an experience it is going to be, to be in a university that is situated right in the heart of London. Ranked among the top universities in the world, King’s offers admissions in Undergraduate, graduate and research programs in various subjects of study. King’s College London provides one with plenty of opportunities which would enhance their studies, extracurricular activities and overall experience at university.


 University of Manchester

One among the 24 universities belonging to the prestigious Russell Group of Universities, The University of Manchester, formed in 2004 is a highly reputed global institution that provides high-quality education and ignites innovation that resonates the world. Their Graduate, Post Graduate and Research programs open to the students a world of opportunities that would set them on a lifetime of success.

 London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE)

What does it feel like to study Social Sciences in an institution that has a worldwide reputation? That is exactly what The London School of Economics and Political Sciences provide one with. Offering about 40 Undergraduate Programs and about 140 programs in Postgraduation and Research, The university undertakes a unique approach when it comes to teaching, taking into consideration the social science perspectives, making it stand out from the common field. The university known to have produced some excellent alumnus continues to be among the top Institutions in the world.

University of Bristol

Amidst the beautiful setting of Bristol is this Russell group of universities, The University of Bristol. Ranked among the top 50 Universities in the world, Bristol offers Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Research programs for students in Arts, Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Law. The University holds a Student exchange Program by the European Union, Erasmus Charter which sends about 500 students a year to its partnered Institutions in Europe.

University of Warwick

On the outskirts of Coventry is The University of Warwick, placed 62nd in the list of top universities in the world, offers Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Research Programs in various subjects: Social Sciences, Science Engineering and Medicine, and Art. The University, one among the Russells group is also ranked among the top 10 young universities, after having established in 1965.

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