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Guide to Bachelor's of Economics at University College London, UK


A bachelor's degree in economics furnishes opportunities worldwide. It deals with economic theories, econometrics, and applied economics. This degree helps students to get hands-on practical experience, analyze economic implications of factors, and ascertain risks associated with certain businesses. It has phenomenal career prospects in the banking and finance sector and even in government agencies. One such prominent name for this degree is The University College London, United Kingdom. Programs offered by this University are based on rigorous foundation and realistic quantitative tools. Let's understand about this University and the courses offered through this blog.

A guide to Bachelor's of Economics degree from the University College London, The UK
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Overview of the University

University College London, located in Gower StLondon is ranked 9th according to the QS ranking and 6th in all over The UK. The acceptance rate stood at 48% with excellent job prospects. One can expect the average salary of economists to range between 25,000 to 35,000 GBP. According to the Student Room, economics was the most lucrative degree to pursue at UCL. Whereas, reports show that UCL has on average a 92% employment rate.

Courses offered by UCL

Various courses in this discipline are offered by University College London.

1. Economics BSc (Econ): Economics BSc (Econ) is a full-time, three-year undergraduate degree. This program combines a rigorous foundation in economic theory and mathematics and requires standard grades in economics and mathematics.

2. Philosophy, Politics and Economics Bsc: Philosophy, Politics and Economics Bsc provides students with a broad and deep knowledge of social phenomena. Basic eligibility requires an IB diploma, a strong set of grades, AAA, with an A in Mathematics, and advanced higher requires an A1 in mathematics.

3. Mathematics with Economics BSc: Mathematics with Economics BSc is a program designed for students who have a keen interest in mathematical tools with economic history. This program also offers Msci which is an extra study year that enables students to take Advanced modules. Basic eligibility requires completion of a one-year degree from any Indian University, AAA grade, with an AA in mathematics or equivalent and 20 points in three higher-level subjects.

4. History, Politics, and Economics BA: A BA degree in history, politics, and economics is a three-year undergraduate degree that relates the coexistence of politics with economics as a whole. Basic eligibility requires a B grade or equivalent in English and Mathematics and a total of 18 points in three higher-level subjects. This program can lead to a career in various fields including consultancy, government service, banking and finance, and international institutes.

5. Philosophy and Economics BA: Philosophy and Economics BA degree deals with a balance of philosophical debates and economics. This degree provides in-depth knowledge and research about philosophy and its tools. Basic eligibility requires at least two A-level subjects, English language at Grade B, Mathematics at Grade C or equivalent, and a total of 18 points in three higher subjects.

Important dates and fee structure

Applications are now open for the courses mentioned above, the deadline for the same is 31st January 2024 and the course starts in September 2024. The fee structure for an economics degree from The University College London is 9,250 euros per annum.

Scholarships and financial aid

Various Bursaries including UCL Undergraduate bursary, Estranged student bursary, and care leaver. Various scholarships such as UCL global undergraduate scholarship for students pursuing economics degree, and funding for disabled students is also provided. Students may check all the necessary details about scholarships and financial aid including eligibility criteria here. Don't forget to apply to them individually and adhere to the deadlines.


Above mentioned courses are just a glimpse, other such courses in economics discipline are provided to students. Economics degree opens wide doors of opportunities in different fields: Financial risk analysis, data analysis, financial consulting, Investment analysis, and economic research. These fields are well-known for providing excellent database records with high salaries. Getting this degree from University College London, it's a cherry on top!

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