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All about MIM at HEC Paris


In the realm of elite management schools worldwide, HEC Paris reigns supreme, securing its place at the top of the QS World University Rankings for Masters in Management in 2021. The esteemed HEC Paris MIM program serves as a launchpad for ambitious individuals aiming for a thriving international business career. This comprehensive guide unravels the intricacies of the program, from its enticing course structure to the nitty-gritty of the admission process.

All about MIM at HEC Paris
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Why Opt for HEC Paris MIM?

The HEC Paris MIM, tailored for tomorrow's leaders, consistently dominates the rankings. The program offers a unique blend of top-notch management education, opportunities for global exposure through international exchanges and dual degree programs, and a compelling array of specialisations. Here's why aspirants are drawn to the program:

  • Premier Management Education: Immerse yourself in the best management education available at HEC Paris.

  • Dynamic Student Community: Join an exciting and vibrant student community that fosters collaboration and growth.

  • Global Opportunities: Access multiple double degree opportunities with prestigious institutions globally, including Yale University–School of Management, MIT, National University of Singapore, and more.

  • Customisable Curriculum: Tailor your curriculum to align with your career goals, choosing from over 20 specialisations and a range of electives. Benefit from the option to waive up to 21 credits.

  • World-Class Career Center: Leverage the resources of the world-class Career Center for personalised career support.

  • Alumni Network: Become part of a robust alumni network, enhancing your career prospects manifold.

HEC Paris MIM Course Structure

The award-winning curriculum unfolds in three stages: M1 (Core Phase), Optional Gap Year, and M2 (Specialization Phase).

M1: Core Phase: Focus on essential business and management concepts through a mix of mandatory general management courses and diverse electives. The waiver program allows for advanced courses and more electives, with the possibility of waiving up to 21 credits.

Optional Gap Year: Students can choose to gain valuable professional experience, refining their career objectives and aspirations in the corporate sector.

M2: Specialization Phase: The second year is pivotal for customising experiences and skills, with over 20 specialisations to choose from.

Admission Criteria for the HEC Paris MIM Program

The eligibility criteria for the HEC Paris MIM program are designed to welcome high-achieving individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. To qualify, applicants should hold a three-year bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS in any field, such as Engineering, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Arts, among others. Importantly, candidates are permitted to apply in the same year they receive their bachelor's degree, providing a flexible entry timeline. Additionally, a GMAT score, considered acceptable by the program, is a prerequisite, emphasising the importance of academic excellence. Proficiency in the French language is not mandatory for admission, ensuring inclusivity for international applicants.

Tuition, Living Expenses, and Scholarships

The fees and living expenses of MIM are as follows.






M1 (2024/2025)





M2 or Optional Gap Year (2025/2026)





M2 post Optional Gap Year (2026/2027)




NB: The annual HEC Student service fees and Administrative fees (€1,800 + €950) are payable for any additional year until graduation. Indicative fees. May be subject to change.

Living Costs: Approximately €1,000/month in 2023, covering housing, food, compulsory insurance (health and civil liability), sports and leisure.

Scholarships: Some of the most prominent scholarships are as follows