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-Soumya Sahu

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

A holistic experience is what one should seek when one leaves his home country and moves abroad to build a career. It goes without saying that academics form the core of one's life and should be given utmost importance. However, there are several other elements that should be allowed some chunk of importance as a wholesome journey is the result of bringing everything together.

An essential element while studying abroad is exploring the city you live in and its nearby areas, and the best way to do it is by travelling. It's an investment which comes with a myriad of returns. But it is equally necessary to balance your coursework and travel because at the end of the day, nobody wants to lag behind their schedule. So, here are five tips to create an equilibrium between travel and academics:-


The first trick to get things done is to make a time - task schedule. Check your calendar and block out all tentative and final important days like exams, assignments, presentations etc. Going further, mark all your holidays and vacations and make a note of it. Once you have built this schedule, assign a time limit to each task and stick to it. If everything goes as per the schedule, most of your tasks will be done on or before the deadline which will leave you with plenty of time for travelling.


Managing finances and making a budget is an important aspect of adulting. The best way to start with budgeting is to make a personalised cost sheet with all your expenses and incomes stated. Managing finances will help you in allocating funds for travelling so that you do not end up spending more than your limit and go bankrupt when it comes to buying essentials.


An amazing and effective method to save money is to plan ahead. When you have your schedule in hand and your budget allocated, try to pay for the major expenses like transportation and accommodation beforehand. Book your flights and hotels, and rent your cabs as early as possible. If you can, try visiting in the off-season as the prices are low during that period.


Exploring the city you live in is also a pretty affair by itself. So, buy a local city map, rent a bicycle and go around to visit the scenic places, be it museums, churches, hiking trails or local markets. Another suggestion is to find yourself a personalised nook outdoors where you can study, read a book, listen to some music, tune out the chaos and just relax.


If your budget or time doesn't permit it, then a unique way of travelling is going on weekend getaways. Take a trip to the nearby places of your city and explore local culture and traditions. You can even invite your friends, pitch in and have boundless fun over the weekend.

The possibilities to travel are endless but you most definitely have to think and plan things ahead of time so that you can execute your trips in reality. Make the most of your journey when living abroad because you never know, you might never get a chance again.

Happy travels!

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