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Best Place to Study Accounting: UK or USA


The UK and the USA are renowned for their thriving accounting and finance sectors, making them popular destinations for students pursuing accounting degrees. However, each country has unique characteristics and advantages, which can influence your decision on where to study. This article will compare the two countries and help you determine the best place to study accounting.

Best Place to Study Accounting: UK or USA
Source: GoToUniversity

Advantages of studying accounting in the United Kingdom:

The UK is a global financial center, and its universities are renowned for international excellence in teaching and research. Some of the top universities offering accounting courses in the UK include Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, University of Leeds, and University of Warwick. The advantages of studying in the UK are:

  •  International solid reputation for accounting and finance.

  •  Opportunities to work with multinational corporations and organizations.

  •  Degree duration is shorter (3 years) compared to the USA (4 years).

  •  Lower living expenses compared to studying in cities like London or New York.

Advantages of studying accounting in the United States:

The USA is home to some of the world's giant corporations and offers a unique approach to accounting, which may mean that your skills will be less transferable. However, the country has a robust accounting scene, and students can find top schools in accounting across various regions, including the Northern US. The advantages of studying in the USA are:

  • Opportunities to work with large corporations and gain practical experience.

  • Exposure to a unique accounting system, which may be beneficial for understanding US-specific business practices.

  • Strong job market for accounting graduates.

Factors to Consider while choosing the best place to study accounting: UK or USA

When choosing between the UK and the USA, consider the following factors:

1. Transferability of skills: The USA uses a different accounting system, which may limit your employability in certain countries. If you plan to work for international companies or organizations, this may be a minor issue.

2. Cost of living: The cost of living is generally higher in the UK, especially in cities like London or New York. Consider studying in a smaller town with a lower cost of living to save money.

3. Income opportunities: The average salary for an entry-level tax accountant in the UK is higher than in the USA. However, the overall job market for accounting graduates is strong in both countries.

4. Career prospects: Both countries offer excellent career prospects for accounting graduates, with numerous opportunities in various industries and sectors.


Both the UK and the USA offer excellent opportunities for studying accounting. While the UK boasts a global reputation in accounting and finance with shorter degree durations and lower living expenses, the USA provides exposure to a distinct accounting system and abundant opportunities to work with large corporations.Your choice will depend on your priorities, interests, and budget.Consideration of factors such as transferability of skills, cost of living, income opportunities, and career prospects is crucial and prospective students should weigh these factors carefully to align their choices with their unique aspirations and circumstances.

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