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Clinical Psychology: A Promising Career to Study Abroad

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology is a specialized field within psychology that provides an understanding of comprehensive mental and behavioral disorders. It involves diagnosing the individual experiencing psychological distress or mental health problems.

These psychologists often utilize different treatment approaches when working with clients. Significant theoretical practices include the cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic perspectives.

Clinical Psychology: A Promising Career to Study Abroad
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What are the career options in Clinical Psychology?

It offers many opportunities for those who have completed their education and training in this field.

  • Clinical Psychologist

These psychologists diagnose and treat individuals with mental health disorders. These psychologists often provide psychotherapy and counseling services to individuals of all ages. They may work in public, private, or mental health organizations.

  • Forensic Psychologists

These psychologists apply the practice of psychology to the law. They actively assess individuals in the criminal justice system by conducting psychological evaluations and providing expert testimony in court. These psychologists may also work in child custody or risk assessment areas.

  • Psychotherapist

These psychologists usually work one-on-one with clients in a clinical setting. They make therapeutic services or talk therapy depending upon the client's needs. Typical duties that these psychologists play include developing individualized treatment plans and monitoring clients' progress throughout their treatment.

  • Neuropsychologist

These psychologists specialize in understanding the function of the brain and central nervous system. They treat individuals with neurological disorders such as brain injuries, strokes, developmental disorders, or neurodegenerative diseases. These psychologists work in rehabilitation centers, research settings, or hospitals.

  • Child and Adolescent Psychologist

These psychologists evaluate and treat children and adolescents, addressing issues such as developmental disorders, behavioral problems, and emotional difficulties. They help children by teaching them techniques and coping mechanisms. These psychologists may work in schools, clinics, providing therapy, or in private clinics.

Requirements to Become a Clinical Psychologist

  1. Earn a bachelor's degree in psychology.

  2. Pursue a master's degree before applying to a doctoral program. Some universities offer integrated postgraduate programs.

  3. Obtaining a doctoral degree aspiring clinical psychologist includes two doctoral programs Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD).

  4. Completing clinical training in the field of psychology under the supervision of a clinical psychologist is an essential experience.

  5. It is mandatory to obtain licensure to practice independently.

Top Universities as per QS World University Rankings 2022 to Study Clinical Psychology are:

  1. Harvard University (Cambridge, United States)

  2. Standford University (Standford University)

  3. The University of Oxford (Oxford, United Kingdom)

  4. The University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

  5. The University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, United States)


A career in psychology is gratifying and respectable. This qualification broadens your qualification with more ample opportunities, and if you want to have a successful career, getting into a top university is a crucial step.

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