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Coding Boot Camps offered by US colleges

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Colleges in the US are a brand name in themselves. And admitting into one isn’t the easiest feat. Not everyone can afford it.

In recent years, the concept of coding boot camps has entered the University culture wherein these colleges collaborate with an existing Bootcamp and incorporate it into their curriculum. These University coding boot camps make the name of those top colleges more accessible to students.

It’s a short, non-degree educational accreditation concept that benefits the University by providing adaptive courses at a faster timeline. Collaborating with the Universities boosts the legitimacy of the coding boot camps and gives an edge to the students for their Future prospects.

With the increasing popularity and need for technology, coding boot camps offer a great addition to Undergraduate students worried about tuition and other career-related issues.

Many Universities have introduced coding boot camps on Web Development, Data Analytics, Coding, UX/UI design, etc.

1. Harvard Extension Coding Bootcamp

Cost: $ 13000

Length: 24 weeks

Partner: edX (Previously Trilogy Education Services)

Available formats: full-time online

2. Berkeley Coding Bootcamp

Cost: $13500

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Partner: edX

Available formats: Part-time online, Full-time online

3. Columbia Engineering Coding Bootcamp

Cost: $ 16000

Location: New York, NY

Partner: edX

Available formats: Full-time online, Part-time online

4. UCLA Extension Coding Boot Camp

Cost: $13,000

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Partner: edX

Available formats: Part-time online, Full-time online

5. UC Davis Coding boot camp

Cost: $ 11,500

Location: Sacramento, CA

Partner: edX

Available formats: Part-time online

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