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Comprehensive Guide to Computer Science Degree (UG) at the University of Cambridge, UK


The fascinating and broad discipline of computer science deals with algorithms and data. Computer engineers take into account software systems using mathematical tools. A computer science degree facilitates opportunities and innovative approaches. The University of Cambridge, The United Kingdom provides cutting-edge research facilities with extensive innovative technology. Let's get a deeper view of this University and why one should prioritize this University in the United Kingdom.

All about the Computer Science degree (UG) from The University of Cambridge, The United Kingdom
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Why to go The University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge, located in the Old School, Trinity, Cambridge(UK). The University of Cambridge is ranked 2nd according to the QS Ranking and in the UK. The University of Cambridge has an overall acceptance rate between 18-21%. Placement rates stood at 95.2%. One can expect an average salary of 35,000 euros. The University of Cambridge provides world-leading faculty with academic excellence. This University provides a BA(Hons) in Computer Science.

All about the BA(Hons) Computer Science degree

BA(Hons) Computer science degree is a three-year course of G400 UCAS. The program covers all the aspects of modern CS, including underlying theory and foundations in economics, laws, and business. This degree includes five modules, and a research-based project in this discipline, First year of study includes 25% compulsory mathematics tools and implications. The annual cost for the program is 37,293 euros. Check all the necessary details about the course here.

Eligibility requirements for this degree include:

  • Candidates must have secured 90% or higher from CISCE or NIOS in five subjects.

  • CBSE: A minimum of A1 grade in all five subjects.

  • Mathematics to A level is mandatory, Advanced higher( A grade) and higher level in IB of score 7 or equivalent.

  • Further mathematics is highly recommended for admission.

Course Curriculum

Let's get deep into the course curriculum of BA(Hons) Computer Science.

Year 1( Part IA)

Students can take four papers out of which three are compulsory: Foundations of Computer Science, Java and Operating System, Digital Electronics, and the Mathematics paper from Part IA of Natural Sciences.

Year 2( Part IB )

Students can take four papers, spanning core topics: Theory, system, programming( C++, Java), and human aspects( including human interaction theory and Artificial intelligence).

Year 3( Part II)

A student can choose from a large section of topics that allows and demonstrates their computer science skills. Projects are often connected with current Cambridge research and cutting-edge technology.

Scholarships available for BA(Hons) Computer Science

There's a range of financial help available to students at Cambridge, which includes government study loans covering tuition fees and living costs:

  1. Bursary Scheme: A grant of up to 3500 euros annually. Bursary students are also eligible for care leavers which cover up to 8350 euros per annum. There's no such application process for this scheme, students applying for student finance are automatically eligible for this scheme. The application deadline for the same is 30 June 2024.

  2. Cambridge Trust Scholarship: The Cambridge Trust Scholarship is awarded for pursuing a BA Hons CS degree, A student can get up to 35517 GBP. Basic Eligibility requires a student to have taken English proficiency tests. Selected students would be invited for interviews based on their profiles. Don't forget to keep the necessary documents like the LOR and official transcripts. The application deadline for this scholarship is usually at the end of July. Check out the official website for more details.

  3. Gates Cambridge Scholarship: The Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides funds to fully cover a scholar's non-affordable costs. This typically covers 30,000 to 45,000 euros in grants per annum. This Scholarship also provides maintenance costs which are an additional 15,000 euros. The application deadline for this scholarship is 4th January 2024.

  4. Other awards are recognitions: Other awards are available for academically bright students in this domain, which cover tuition fees and daily expenditures.


BA(Hons) Computer science is the most demanded degree overseas, And the University of Cambridge is the second most demanded University for this course. Cambridge strongly believes finances shouldn't hamper anybody's future. Hence, provided some best scholarships. Don't forget to check their eligibility criteria and apply to them accordingly. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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