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How to ACE the SAT?

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Scholastic Assessment Test commonly known as the ‘SAT’ is a standardized testing option that is commonly used to secure admission in the US-based colleges at the undergraduate level. The SAT is wholly developed and published by the College Board. The main motive for this exam is to assess the student’s readiness for going to college. This also helps the colleges to compare the application of various students using a common score.

The SAT is a paper-based multiple-choice test that consists of two sections, i.e. Math Section and the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section. There is also an essay that is optional in the test. The following table shows the information for each section of the SAT:

The total time for the SAT is 3 hours (+50 minutes for an optional essay). The SAT is quite important for getting admitted into a US College as the colleges usually prioritize applicants with a higher SAT score. Also, this examination helps in obtaining a scholarship or merit-based financial aid to the student. Although the SAT is a US-based exam, some colleges outside the US also accept SAT scores.

Though it is not easy to score a perfect 1600 in the SAT, it is also not impossible. With the use of perfect strategies, one can score a perfect 1600 in the SAT and go to any college in the world, be it MIT, Harvard, or Caltech. There are many resources to study and prepare for the SAT but choosing the best resources is only beneficial. There are many strategy books to read and study from such as ‘The Princeton Review, Mike Barrett’s The Black Book’, and many more. The College Board itself provides material to study and practice from such as the ‘Official College Board SAT’ and free 8 full practice tests.

Update - Earlier, SAT was conducted in an absolute pen and paper format but the exam will now be conducted in a digital format and by the spring of 2024, all US and international test centres will operate the procedure digitally.

To know more about the new format, do read our blog - The New Digital SAT

- Contributed by Kuber Khanna

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