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How to Survive the Cultural Shock while Studying in a Foreign Land?

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences in one's life. You get a new beginning, explore new places, and meet new people. Yet it is a big step to leave your country, people, cultural food, and family. It is a big transition from being used to living by your culture's written and unwritten rules to learning new practices and ideas from another country.

Students often find it very difficult to adjust to such a situation. Students often feel homesick thinking about their family residing very far from them. Missing the food is another significant aspect of being an international student. All these factors are often ignored but play a vital role in the adjustment and development of these international students.

How to Survive the Cultural Shock while Studying in a Foreign Land?
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So how to tackle such situations and survive the cultural shock in a foreign land? Let us find out.

  • Explore the country and learn about it.

You can learn much about a country through books, watching shows and movies.

Various fictional stories written by multiple authors and set in different

countries express much about their cultures.

Also, you can watch various American and British television shows to understand the thinking of the people over there and get used to their language.

One can also try the works of local artists for a better understanding of their world.

  • Learn about different cultures and how to mesh with people of other cultures.

Countries all across the globe have different cultures and different opinions towards various concepts. Take, for example, tipping in restaurants in Japan is not considered disrespectful, whereas not listing in the USA is taken negatively.

So, one should mix up with as many people as possible, learn about their culture, respect their differences, and learn how to deal with them. It will also help you make many new friends to socialize with and better your network of contacts.

  • Overcome the language barrier.

The language barrier is a common problem when shifting to a new country, especially when English is not the native language of that country.

A student can easily overcome this obstacle by learning the native language of the country, either by joining classes or by spending more time with the locals.

  • Learn to be self-dependent.

Learn to do your work, like cooking, washing, and cleaning, as it is tough to find help abroad. It is a big reason why people experience difficulties in studying abroad. By being able to cook the food of your country, you may feel more comfortable.

  • Ask for assistance from the university.

The international office can assist you in finding accommodation and fee payment plans and help you find part-time work. You can always ask for their help whenever needed.

  • Explore the City.

Explore the city and the area you are staying in. Visit new places and experience the culture. Try and get used to the local food. Make friends with whom you can socialize and who can help if you need help.

  • Be prepared to face challenges.

In the end, you have to face challenges. There is no escape from this, and you must accept that you will face difficulties initially.

However, there is no escape from this fact, and keep an open mind about this as it will help you cope during difficult times.


Doesn't it sound scary anymore? As long as you are prepared and excited about your adventure in studying abroad, you're sure to break through that initial culture shock.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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