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LSAT USA 2023 and 2024 Test Dates

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

LSAT (Law School Admission Test) is one of the most famous entrance examinations for students who wish to pursue Law as a career in India and abroad. The LSAT is affiliated with LSAC (Law School Admission Council), which conducts this exam internationally for admission to Law schools in the USA, Canada, and other countries.

The LSAT USA is designed to test a student’s aptitude and ability to study Law and evaluate if they could become a lawyer in the future. There’s no age limit for the exam, and LSAC states no specific eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear for the LSAT.

Another important point law school aspirants must note is that the LSAC conducts a separate Indian-specific LSAT, known as LSAT-India. LSAT is the same for everyone who wishes to study in any part of the world except India. So, if you want to get admitted to an Indian Law School, you should apply for LSAT India only. Students looking for law school admissions in the US, Canada, or other countries can apply for the general LSAT.

Some things that distinguish the general LSAT from LSAT India:

  1. The duration for the same is 3hr 30 min compared to LSAT India, which is only 2hrs 20 min.

  2. The score is given on a scale of 120 to 180 instead of the percentile system used in LSAT India.

  3. LSAT can be taken at home as it is an online proctored test comprising five sections total.

  4. The registration fee is around US$ 215

  5. LSAT is conducted 6 times a year throughout the world.

LSAT USA 2023 and 2024 Registration Details:

Here are the key dates for LSAT 2023 and 2024:

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Score Release Date

August 11 and 12, 2023

June 29, 2023

August 30, 2023

September 8 and 9, 2023

July 25, 2023

September 27, 2023

October 13 and 14, 2023

August 31, 2023

November 1, 2023

November 10 and 11, 2023

Sep 28, 2023

November 29, 2023

January 12 and 13, 2024

November 30, 2023

January 31, 2024

February 9, 2024

December 26, 2023

February 28, 2024

April 12, 2024

February 29, 2024

May 01, 2024

June 7 and 8, 2024

April 23, 2024

June 26, 2024

LSAT dates for International Students:

LSAT dates for International are different than the mainstream US and Canada dates. Look through the tables carefully to select the perfect LSAT USA date for yourself.

Test Date

Registration Deadline

Score Release Date

October 14, 2023

August 31, 2023

November 01, 2023

January 13, 2024

November 30, 2023

January 31, 2024

April 13, 2024

February 29, 2024

May 01, 2024

June 08, 2024

April 23, 2024

June 26, 2024

How to register for the LSAT USA 2023?

The LSAT registration process is also pretty simple. Students can make their account at the LSAC web portal and register for the LSAT exam, filling in the necessary details. The next step would be to select the date and finally pay the registration fee to seal their application.

The score for the LSAT is released about a month later at 9 am ET on the test taker’s LSAC account.

They are given six days before their score is sent to the Law Schools. There’s also an option for LSAT score review; candidates can purchase the scorecard for about $45 to $75 and decide whether they want to keep or cancel their scores before sending it to their desired schools.

The competition for the LSAT is relatively high as there are a limited number of highly accredited Law Schools and many applicants, but acing this exam would offer the candidate high-class education in the field of Law.

Want to know more about LSAT India 2023 instead? Check out our latest post on LSAT India.

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