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MiM from HEC, Paris: The cheaper MBA

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Are you looking for a cheaper MBA options?

Have you heard about the MiM program offered by HEC, Paris?

Keep reading to know more about this fabulous program provided by HEC, Paris, one of the top ranked business schools of the world. It might be just what you are looking for!

MBA (aka Masters in Business Administration) has been the most sought-after degree since ages. However, this 1–2-year program puts a huge dent on your bank balance. Hence, MIM might seem like the more logical option for many.

A typical MBA abroad costs between Rs.60 lakhs to Rs.1.5 crore. Quite. A. Lot. Isn’t it? On the other hand, MiM from HEC, Paris costs under 40 lakhs for 2 years. Now that seems doable!

MiM is short for Masters in Management. It was developed in Europe. It is perfect for recent graduates whereas MBA is more suited for experienced professionals looking to upgrade their career trajectory. Thus, work experience holds little importance at admissions.

At HEC, Paris, it is divided into 2 phases-

1. Phase 1- It is called “M1”. It provides foundation courses in business and management which are necessary to fully equip you for a career in management. Students take mandatory and elective courses in this year. It is 1 year long.

2. After the M1, you can take an optional gap year in which you can take up a job to get practical exposure. It will help enrich your CV. Also, you can use the salary from this job to cover a portion of your tuition fees and/or living expenses.

3. Phase 2- It is called “M2”. This is the year where you will choose your area of specialization from across 20 fields offered by the school. It also entails writing a research paper. M2 is also 1 year long.

After an MiM from HEC, Paris, you can expect a career in any corner of the world in a variety of sector such as consulting, financial services, technology, public sector, retail, etc. The starting salary is at the average of euro 66,000. It is absolutely lucrative and offers an opportunity to grow from there.

Also, HEC, Paris is a great school with a huge network of talented and varied alumni. You can definitely tap into the network to get job leads.

Last but not the least, think about living in Paris, France for 2 years. That must be a great motivating factor to go there. Also, prior knowledge of French language is not a necessity.

Admission Criteria

Now that you have decided to go for the MiM program, take a look at the admission criteria. It is fairly simple and easy to follow.

· You must have a bachelor’s degree of at least 3 years in any field of study. Applicants may apply in the same year they obtain their degree.

· Average GMAT score of 710 is required. GRE is also accepted.

· Pre-selected will have an interview before the final decision is made.

Apart from HEC, Paris, some other great schools for MIM are-

1. ESADE, Spain

2. ESSEC, France

3. IE Business School, Spain

4. London Business School

5. The University of Sydney

6. London School of Economics

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