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Pre-Departure checklist for students traveling Abroad


Have you received an offer letter from a University abroad? Yes!. Have you double-checked every document and the things required? No! Embarking a new journey of your life abroad can be very hectic and stressful. There are a billion things to be kept in mind while packing your stuff, be it clothes or your health insurance; shifting to an entirely new country can seem fascinating, but preparing for it in advance creates a lot of hassle. Having everything from your budget to your documentation ready beforehand will help you embark on your new Journey on a good note. This blog will further provide a checklist to guide you through packing some necessary items.

Pre-Departure checklist for students traveling Abroad
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Making a TO-DO list will help to keep things organized, and better planning will avoid last-minute hassles.

Here are some items not to forget while packing your stuff:

1. Essential Documents: Researching relevant documents required is crucial; many such documents include mandatory information, such as:

  • Original Passport, Visa Documents

  • Air tickets, Letter of recommendation, Scholarship documents( if any), SOP’s( if any ),

  • Resume/CV, GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL score card, Self-attested mark sheets, recent passport-size photographs

  • Necessary medical documents, in case of emergency, should be kept.

  • Carry your University acceptance letter( offer letter ), i.e., Confirmation of Enrolment( COE ).

  • Vaccination certificate(some countries require it)

  • Downloads of digital files

  • Bank account details document, debit and credit card details

Always keep a copy of all the documents handy to avoid last-minute chaos.

2. Health Insurance Certificates: A health insurance plan beforehand is vital. Even having a minor fever can be very costly in some nations. Health Insurance is a travel insurance policy that provides coverage against any medical emergencies while traveling or during a stay abroad.

In countries like the United States of America(USA), the prerequisite is that a student should opt for a health insurance policy package based on the state they are going in. Whereas some countries, including Germany, require a student to have a Health Insurance Policy before the Visa application process.

3. Accommodation: After getting approval from the University, finding a place to accommodate is a core thing. Finding a perfect location with a minimum cost could be a tedious process—either plan for on-campus dormitories or other areas near the University. The University accommodates two or more students and offers rooms at a higher cost. Renting an apartment can also be an option for students traveling abroad. The cost of living is very high in some countries, including- Singapore, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, etc. Cost analysis for this thing is critical.

4. Budgetary analysis and knowledge about Currency: Making and planning your monthly and per annum expenditure is fundamental. Essentials are also very expensive in some countries. Making a proper budget for a month is required by students. The thing with this is knowing about the Currency, like US currency is USD, UK(Pounds), Australian(AUD), and German(Pounds). And students should know about the prevalent exchange rate in that country. Always use Foreign exchange (FOREX) for your day-to-day expenditures.

5. Book your Travel arrangements: After getting approval about acceptance into the University you applied to, book your travel tickets beforehand. Arranging everything in advance will safeguard you and will avoid last-minute chaos. Booking a travel agent for your passport requirements, Booking your tickets for your Journey ( Flights, trains, etc.), and Visa Acceptance will help you save time.

6. Miscellaneous: Only remembering your core items and avoiding some essential yet various things will create problems.

Students should pack miscellaneous items such as Educational supplies, Backpacks, Medical prescriptions, Medicine boxes, first aid kits, Journals, Toiletries, Luggage locks, Travel pillows, and Electronics (such as mobile phones, laptops, I-Pad, Watches, Chargers) beforehand only. Keeping these things filled with you will help you organize better.

7. Check weight restrictions: Don’t forget to check the weight limit of your luggage. Usually, an International Flight allows you to carry only 30 kg of luggage in 2 bags. And a carry-on of 10 kgs. Some items, such as Laptops, don’t have any weight restrictions. This thing can vary from airline to airline. Avoid taking restricted items such as explosive materials, sharp objects, flammable items, oxidizers, infectious material, etc.

8. Research: Research is essential in every scenario; understanding the surroundings you will be a part of will ease your stay. Learn about the climate, neighborhood, food requirements, food joints near your accommodation, grocery stores, Culture, Laws, and local customs. It’s vital to search for the local language of that country and learn some basic phrases so that communication doesn’t become a hindrance in that nation. Gain basic proficiency in a particular language.


Many aspirants dream of studying abroad, but they often need to remember some basic things mentioned above. Keeping all things handy before departure will lead to a smooth release. Knowing about the emergency mobile number active in that country will help for security purposes of students traveling abroad. Studying abroad is a fascinating experience and opportunity that enables you to grow personally and mentally. Just be a little careful about pre-departure essentials. Remember to double-check all the necessary items required. Enjoy this new experience and a new phase of your life, make connections, seize opportunities, meet new people, and make memories. We wish you all the best for your Journey ahead.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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