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Recent Changes in LSAT Exam Pattern: What to Expect in August 2024


The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a critical step for aspiring law students, and staying informed about any changes to the exam is essential for effective preparation. As we look forward to the 2024-2025 testing cycle, significant updates to the LSAT's structure will come into effect starting in August 2024. Here’s what you need to know about these changes and how they might impact your test preparation and performance.

Recent Changes in LSAT Exam Pattern: What to Expect in August 2024
Source: Forbes

What’s Changing?

New Structure Starting August 2024

The upcoming changes will see a shift in the composition of the multiple-choice portion of the LSAT. The revised structure will include:

  • Two scored Logical Reasoning (LR) sections

  • One scored Reading Comprehension (RC) section

  • One unscored section, which will be either LR or RC

This update replaces the current format, which comprises one LR section, one RC section, one Analytical Reasoning (AR) section, and one unscored section that could be any of the three section types.

Why the Change?

The decision to update the LSAT structure is grounded in extensive research. Analysis of over 200,000 test sessions has demonstrated that the new format will maintain the test’s integrity and reliability. The research indicates that this change will not impact overall scores or the strong correlation between LSAT scores and first-year law school success. The primary goal is to ensure that every test taker has the opportunity to showcase their logical reasoning skills effectively.

Key Points of the New LSAT Format

Maintaining Core Competencies

The LSAT is designed to assess critical skills necessary for law school and legal practice, including reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing. Despite the structural changes, these core competencies remain the focus. The Logical Reasoning sections will continue to include questions that evaluate deductive reasoning, ensuring that the test measures the abilities essential for legal education and practice.

Score Range Consistency

One aspect that remains unchanged is the LSAT scoring scale. The score range will continue to be from 120 to 180, providing continuity and a familiar framework for both test takers and law schools. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the test's validity and the comparability of scores across different testing cycles.

Minimal Impact on Test Preparation

For those who are already preparing for the LSAT or planning to take it before August 2024, it’s important to note that there will be no changes to the test format in the current cycle. The transition to the new format in August 2024 is designed to have minimal impact on test takers who are already familiar with the Logical Reasoning section, as it is already a significant component of the current LSAT.

Preparing for the New LSAT

If you are planning to take the LSAT in or after August 2024, your preparation strategy might need a slight adjustment. Focusing more on Logical Reasoning could be beneficial, given its increased emphasis in the new test structure. However, the fundamental skills and strategies for tackling LSAT questions will remain relevant. Practice tests and preparation courses that emphasise logical reasoning and reading comprehension will continue to be valuable resources.


The upcoming changes to the LSAT, effective from August 2024, reflect a commitment to ensuring the test remains a reliable measure of essential skills for law school and beyond. By staying informed and adjusting your preparation accordingly, you can approach the LSAT with confidence. Whether you are taking the test under the current format or the new structure, the key to success lies in a thorough understanding of the test components and consistent practice.

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