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SAT December, 2018 Results Analysis

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

SAT December 2018 Result Analysis  MY SAT HOME TUTOR
SAT December 2018 Result Analysis

SAT result (of the exam conducted on 1st of December, 2018) are out! It has been quite a shock to many students worldwide to receive lesser marks than expected. The penalty has been very tough this time. For example, one wrong question in the Writing Section has resulted in 30 marks reduction. A student lost 20 points for one incorrect response in the Maths section.

However, the penalty for getting a question wrong in Reading section was not huge (-10 for 1 incorrect question). So from this we can infer that the difficulty level of the SAT December exam was 'Easy' (Especially the writing section was the easiest).

Student Answer Service (SAS): College board provides a detailed report of the exam, including information like - difficulty level of each question, attempted correct/incorrect/omitted (un-attempted). If student is planning a re-attempt, then it is advisable to go for SAS. One can avail SAS service by paying $ 16 on the College board website. This is how the report looks like:

Q: I have scored less in my SAT December, 2018 attempt. What should I do?

A: If the scores are way below the scores you have been getting in your college board mocks, then you should go for the next attempt. SAT is conducted 4 times in a year (March, May, Oct, and Dec). So the next attempt is on 9th of March, 2019. There is hardly much time left, so one should gear up to write SAT March 2019 paper without wasting any further time.

Q: I live in Delhi-NCR. I need private tuition for SAT. Can you help?

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