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Scholarship Opportunities in Italy to Pursue Fashion Designing


Fashion is a vibrant sector that cuts across countries and cultures, making it an appealing career path for many ambitious designers. Italy, with its rich history in fashion and prestigious design colleges, is a beacon for students wishing to perfect their abilities in this industry. However, seeking an education overseas might take more work. Fortunately, various scholarship possibilities are available for Indian students interested in studying fashion design in Italy, allowing them to explore a world of creativity and innovation. In this blog, we will  explore scholarships available for students interested in Fashion Designing.

Scholarship Opportunities in Italy to Pursue Fashion Designing
Source: Altitude Academy

Exploring Scholarship Opportunities for Indian Fashion Design Students To Study In Italy

Government scholarships:

Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students: 

The Italian government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, provides scholarships to international students, including Indians, through a variety of programmes, including the Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students (MAECI). These scholarships cover tuition, lodging, and living expenses for study programmes at Italian institutions, including fashion design courses.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom provides scholarships to students from Commonwealth nations, including India, for postgraduate studies in various subjects, including fashion design. Although these scholarships are intended for the United Kingdom, specific schemes may allow for study in other Commonwealth nations, including Italy, with particular agreements.

Private scholarships:

The renowned luxury fashion business Gucci frequently partners with top fashion colleges in Italy to provide scholarships to promising students. These scholarships may cover half or full tuition and are offered based on excellence, originality, and future fashion industry contributions. Indian students can use Gucci's affiliations with Politecnico di Milano and Istituto Marangoni institutes.

Institutional scholarships:

Politecnico di Milano, one of Italy's top technological colleges, provides scholarships to overseas students in various fields, including fashion design. These scholarships might be merit-based, need-based, or rewarded for extraordinary accomplishments. Indian students studying fashion design at Politecnico di Milano can ask about scholarship options by contacting the university's International Students Office or the Department of Design.

Accademia Costume & Moda, a famous fashion institution in Rome, awards scholarships to brilliant students worldwide. These scholarships are intended to encourage extraordinary students who display excellent inventiveness, academic proficiency, and a strong desire to pursue a career in fashion. Indian students who wish to study at Accademia Costume & Moda can apply for scholarships throughout the admissions process.

Istituto Marangoni, which has campuses in Milan, Florence, and other fashion capitals, provides scholarships to overseas students participating in its fashion design programmes. These scholarships may wholly or partially cover tuition expenses and are offered based on academic performance, portfolio evaluation, and financial need. Indian students interested in studying at Istituto Marangoni might look for scholarship options through the institute's admissions office or website.


Studying fashion design in Italy gives Indian students unique opportunities to develop their abilities at prominent universities while immersed in a lively, creative ecosystem. With so many scholarship possibilities available, financial restraints should not impede the pursuit of their aspirations. By rigorously researching and applying for scholarships, Indian students may open doors to opportunities where their love for fashion design can develop and bloom globally.

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