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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, popularly known as STEM is an academic discipline of Science with vast opportunities. A degree in STEM is considered very valuable, given the importance of the sphere in bringing development all over the globe.

The aim of STEM courses is to nurture students in tech-oriented subjects by providing a level playing field in the sphere of Science. The professions after pursuing these courses are lucrative, popular and highly coveted. The United States of America is a leader in providing opportunities in the field of STEM that builds the basic foundation of scientific and technological innovation.

Several globally recognised universities in the US like Harvard University, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer these courses to develop the world economically, technologically and scientifically right from the ground level.

The list of various STEM courses in the USA are:-

  • Aerospace

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • Astronomy

  • Botany

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Civil Engineering

  • Computer and Information Science

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Nutritional Science

  • Statistics etc.

Even though most courses under STEM promise a bright future, some programs are more popular than others, including

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Chemistry

  • Medicine

STEM has been an universally acclaimed domain from the very beginning. To bring about inclusivity in the field, women are encouraged to join various courses, popularising the term 'Women in STEM'. It is an amazing sphere with a myriad of opportunities to work and grow, alongside contributing for the welfare of the society and the economy.

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