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The transition to Digital Sat Suite

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Gen-Z becoming techie has encouraged the authorities to explore the benefits of online mediums. The traditional SAT with pen and paper has been expanding to digital mode with the label- the Digital SAT Suite. Now, students can attempt the exam through computers and digital devices and not pen and paper. The change is significant and worth appreciating.

What is it?

The students will now attempt the SAT from a wide range of devices, getting done away with the time-consuming pen and paper method. The devices can vary from their own computers to school-owned devices. Those who don’t have any device can attempt the test on weekends and ask for a device from the College Board.

How can we attempt the test?

The test will be administered at school or designated test centers only. The students need to download an application well in advance on their preferred devices. The application offers the following benefits to the candidates:

  • If your internet connection got lost for some reason, the test progress will be saved and you can restart from wherever you left.

  • You are given an option to flag the questions and revisit them anytime.

  • A timer is given on the screen to remind you of the time left.

  • A calculator is also given in-built into the app.

  • A formula sheet for the maths section is given.

  • You can even highlight any question and make notes/remarks.

Benefits of the change

  • Time-saving- Shifting to online mode definitely has proved to save time. It will save students from the tedious and time-eating process of filling the responses through OMR. Surfing through marked questions will also be much easier. The invigilators will also be spared from handling the sheets.

  • True testing of intelligence- Switching to an online test proves to be a better way of judging the skills of the students. It doesn’t pressurize students by giving a time crunch. The candidates have more time in real terms. The application also gives them basic formulae for maths, again getting done away with checking their memory and remembering powers. The test will focus more on reasoning and logical skills.

  • Features of the app- The application has some very useful features (mentioned above) which release the exam pressure and allows candidates to write the exam stress-free.

  • Less stressful- The candidates who gave the pilot test testified that this way is less stressful and they feel like giving a survey.

  • Shorter passages- The length of the passages in both sections- English and Maths, have been reduced. Again doesn’t test the candidates’ ability to complete on time. Rather, they are encouraging students to think logically.

  • Disability- Special provisions are ensured to overcome any kind of hurdles that students might face. The candidates with special needs will be given accommodation of the kinds they need, like extra time, scribes, food, text-to-speech, etc.

  • English learners- Those who identify as English- Learners are also given some relaxation in terms of extra time, etc.

When is it starting?

The transition will happen in March 2023 for all international centers but for USA centers, it is spring 2024.

Overall, it is a gratifying step and will help students in their preparations and prove themselves better.

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