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TOEFL to Become a Personalized Test


The decision by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to introduce personalized TOEFL tests stems from a crucial recognition – the imperative to make language assessment as objective as possible. As language proficiency is shaped by diverse backgrounds and needs, a standardized approach no longer suffices. The move towards personalized assessments, driven by AI, marks a shift towards addressing individual linguistic requirements and ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation.

TOEFL to Become a Personalized Test
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How It Will Affect TOEFL Test Takers?

  • Personalization Based on Aspirations: The envisioned changes in TOEFL signify a departure from the conventional one-size-fits-all model. Test takers will soon be able to communicate their unique needs, allowing the test to adapt accordingly. For instance, those aspiring to enter journalism programs can expect assessments that specifically evaluate higher-level writing skills. This tailored approach aims to create a more relevant and beneficial testing experience, aligning the evaluation with individual aspirations.

  • Breaking Away from Standardized Assessments: The anticipated timeline of 24 to 36 months for the rollout of personalized assessments involves collaboration with institutions willing to adopt and fund these differentiated evaluations. This departure from standardized assessments acknowledges that linguistic proficiency is diverse, and a singular approach may not capture the intricacies of individual backgrounds. The changes not only revolutionize the testing experience but also prompt a reconsideration of the traditional norms governing language assessments.

Impact on TOEFL Structure

  • Reducing Test Duration and Providing Official Score Release Dates: The alterations in the TOEFL experience go beyond personalization. The decision to reduce the test duration to less than two hours from the previous three streamlines the process, making it more efficient for test takers. Additionally, the provision of official score release dates immediately after the test enhances transparency, offering candidates a clearer understanding of their performance and reducing post-exam uncertainties.

  • Incorporating Technology and AI: Embracing the digital age, ETS is incorporating more technology and AI into the TOEFL framework. This shift not only modernises the test but also ensures a more dynamic and adaptive evaluation process. The use of AI in content generation, test security, and preventing cheating, especially in home editions, demonstrates a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in language assessment.

Beyond the Test Itself

In an interview, Rohit Sharma emphasised that the changes in TOEFL are not limited to the test structure alone. The integration of technology and AI extends to all facets surrounding the test, including test preparation materials. The emphasis on continuous improvement, with plans for enhanced test prep materials and specific feedback based on item types, showcases a commitment to supporting test-takers in their language proficiency journey.


The announcement by ETS to introduce personalized TOEFL tests reflects a bold step towards creating a more equitable, transparent, and relevant language assessment experience. As the changes unfold over the next few years, test takers can anticipate a transformation that not only aligns with their unique linguistic needs but also leverages the power of technology to ensure a robust and secure evaluation process. The evolving landscape of TOEFL not only adapts to individual aspirations but also sets the stage for a new era in language proficiency assessment.

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