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Top 10 Green Universities in the USA


Environmental consciousness is on the rise, and while it may not be the foremost priority for the current US president, American universities are stepping up to the challenge. In recent years, these institutions have taken significant strides towards sustainability, implementing various green initiatives and projects. Not only are these universities committed to reducing their environmental footprint, but many also boast visually stunning green campuses, making them ideal choices for students who appreciate the beauty of nature. Here's a look at the top 10 green universities in the USA.

Top 10 Green Universities in the USA
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What is a Green University?

A green university goes beyond traditional educational pursuits, actively engaging in initiatives and practices that prioritize environmental responsibility and conservation. These institutions integrate sustainability into various aspects of campus life, from energy efficiency and waste reduction to eco-friendly construction and curriculum development. 

Green University Standouts

Here are the top 10 green universities, each making significant strides as per QS Rankings:

1. University of California, Davis

UC Davis is a trailblazer in green initiatives, earning recognition as the third greenest university in the 2017 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. Renowned for its 100-acre arboretum, UC Davis combines academic excellence with a dedication to environmental stewardship.

2. Brown University

Brown University's "Brown is Green" initiative exemplifies its commitment to minimizing energy use and fostering a healthier global environment. The university has significantly reduced its energy-related carbon footprint over the past nine years, creating a tranquil environment with interconnected green spaces.

3. University of California, Berkeley

Consistently ranked first globally for environmental sciences, UC Berkeley showcases impressive green spaces and innovative environmental practices. From on-campus natural gas utilization to the convergence of Strawberry Creek watercourse, Berkeley is a green oasis fostering both academic and environmental growth.

4. Colorado State University

Pledging to power its Fort Collins campus with 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, Colorado State University stands as a leading research institution with a strong focus on sustainability. Vast green spaces like "The Oval" and Pingree Park provide students with opportunities to connect with nature.

5. Green Mountain College

Achieving complete climate neutrality, Green Mountain College pioneers initiatives like "Cow Power," generating electricity from methane gas in manure. The 155-acre campus offers students a holistic experience in sustainable living, featuring athletic fields, a farm with a CSA project, and scenic hiking trails.

6. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Seamlessly integrating sustainability into its academic offerings, UNC Chapel Hill is praised for its beautifully landscaped campus. The university's botanical garden showcases sustainable features, including solar energy generation and rainwater cisterns.

7. Stanford University

Ranked second globally, Stanford University excels academically and sets a benchmark for sustainable living. The 8,180-acre campus on the San Francisco Peninsula is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the US, with additions like Meyer Green enhancing its green aesthetic.

8. Georgetown University

Combining rich history with practical sustainability, Georgetown University's picturesque main campus, named "The Hilltop," features fountains, groves of trees, and open quadrangles. Ambitious goals, including halving its carbon footprint by 2020, showcase Georgetown's dedication to a greener future.

9. Emory University

Praised as one of the greenest universities in the US, Emory University combines LEED-certified buildings with a strong emphasis on sustainability. The campus seamlessly blends natural beauty, open spaces, and eco-friendly architecture.

10. Cornell University

A hub for academic excellence, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, emphasizes sustainable living. The Cornell Plantations, a 2,800-acre botanical garden adjacent to the main campus, reflects the university's commitment to preserving natural beauty.


The top 10 green universities in the USA stand as exemplars of sustainability and environmental responsibility, transcending their roles as educational institutions. These universities, identified through QS Rankings, seamlessly integrate green initiatives into their campuses, reflecting a commitment that extends beyond academic pursuits. From the innovative practices of the University of California, Davis, to Brown University's significant reduction in energy-related carbon footprint, and the global leadership of the University of California, Berkeley, these institutions are redefining the landscape of higher education. As beacons of inspiration, they not only earn accolades but pledge to nurture sustainability, instill a green mindset, and cultivate leaders attuned to the delicate balance between education and the environment. Their efforts signify a promising and sustainable future, where academia and nature coexist harmoniously to shape generations to come.

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