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Top 10 Universities for Business and Management in the UK


Business and Management courses equip students with the basic comprehensive functionality. Business and Management courses cover aspects related to Marketing, Human Resources, Organizational Management, Economics, and Finance. The world leader in providing quality and top education in Business and Management is the United Kingdom (UK). The UK has some of the most efficient universities for various domains. From providing dual honors to a balance in theoretical and practical disciplines, universities in the UK are the best. This blog will discuss some of the UK's Top 10 Universities for Business and Management.

Top 10 Universities for Business and Management in the UK
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Top universities in the UK

Here are some of the best-rated universities in the UK according to the QS rankings:

1. London Business School: London Business School, located in London, UK, is the priority of many students, with a rank of 3 and an overall score of 93. London Business School offers four domains of courses:

Core courses include- The Science of People in Organization, macroeconomics, finance, strategy, and accounting.

Masters in Management include- Applied microeconomics, data analytics, Financial accounting, and marketing.

Executive education courses include- Finance, General Management, Leadership, and HR.

Online course- The business of Artificial intelligence.

2. University of Cambridge: This University is ranked 8th best with an overall score of 90.2. This University offers a variety of programs, including undergraduate, postgraduate, executive, and doctoral degrees.

Cambridge also provides an MBA degree, which is ranked 23rd globally. M.Phil in Management is another popular degree in Cambridge.

The application deadline for this University for fall 2024 is 2nd March 2024.

3. University of Oxford: University of Oxford ranked 9th with an overall score of 89.9. The University of Oxford offers several courses: Classroom courses, Oxford MBA, free online business management courses, professional business diploma, MSc in business management, and other advanced project management courses. This University has an average acceptance rate of 17%.

4. The London School of Economics: The London School of Economics is ranked 11th with an overall score of 87.5. It's known for studying real-world scenarios and management issues. This University has an approximate acceptance rate of 12%. LSE's flexible curriculum offers diverse courses such as postgraduate programs, masters in Management, BSc management, and LSE summer school programs( marketing, decision making, and data analytics ).

5. The University of Warwick: The University of Warwick, with its excellent commitment to education, is ranked 22nd with an overall score of 81.4. University of Warwick offers various undergraduate and master's programs in multiple sub-domains. The University of Warwick also provides excellent scholarships on full-time MSc programs, which can lead to a 50% reduction in tuition fees.

6. Imperial College London: Imperial College is ranked 28th with an overall score of 80. Imperial College London is ranked 3rd in Europe by Times Higher Education, 2023. This college offers management and leadership courses, short-term courses in business and finance, MBA, MSc programs, and executive programs. According to FI, 91% of students have a job offer after graduating from Imperial College, London, with an average acceptance rate of 14%.

7. The University of Manchester: Manchester University is ranked 35th with an overall score of 78.6. This University is ranked 7th in The UK and offers some spectacular courses, including- BSc management, MSc Management, MSc international business, and MSC data science. It has additionally added on a period MSc digital marketing.

This University has an overall acceptance rate of 50% approximately.

8. University of Leeds: The University of Leeds is ranked 67th with an overall score of 73.6. It is one of the largest universities in The UK. Leeds University offers a world-class education with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. It provides international business, innovation, accounting, economics, and business analytics management courses.

9. City, University of London: This University is ranked 70th according to the QS ranking, with an overall score of 73.3. This University provides degrees in Management, some short-term courses, and ten-week intensive business courses starting in October, January, and April. A one-day master class option is also there.

10. Lancaster University: This University is ranked 70th with an overall score of 73.3 and is a 5-star QS-rated University in 2023. This University provides MSc and BSc courses in management domains. MBA is a well-demanded course in this University with an acceptance rate of 9%. It ranked amongst the top 10 universities in the UK.


Choosing the right University for you according to your caliber is essential. The top 10 universities have an excellent database record and a high commitment to educational standards. These universities provide a platform for students to showcase their skills.

We know and understand that the application process can be overwhelming, so we are here for you. The study abroad experts at Hello Study Global are there for you every step of the way. From preparing for entrance exams to college applications, we will guide you to success.

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