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Top Business Schools for Masters in Management


If you are fresh out of your undergraduate degree and at the very start of your business career, a master’s in management can be a suitable option for you. With students usually between 21-25 years of age, MiM programs help you build foundations. They give you the basic, essential knowledge about business that's useful if you're just starting your career. Those avoiding burning a hole in their pockets can consider MiM, which is done at almost half the tuition cost of an MBA.  A master’s in management propels you to take baby steps and eventually land a secure, high-paying job while giving ample time to research and test yourself in the market. 

Here is a list of top business schools offering Masters in Management according to QS rankings:-

Top Business Schools for Masters in Management
Source: Mumbai Educational Trust

London Business School

A constituent of the Federal University of London, Mim from London Business School is a 12-16-month course focusing on Accounting, Finance, Data analytics, Management, and Business analytics. London Business School, through its Master in Management, aims to build business-ready career skills in its students to succeed in today's fast-paced global market. Boasting its prime location and unmatched connections in the business world, Mim in LBS allows one to interact with the brightest minds, explore how different business functions intersect, and work together to deliver real-life value.

Global Ranking - 3

Course fees- £47,500

ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School has campuses in Singapore, France, and Cergy. ESSEC offers its students the option of pursuing MiM via an intensive one-year course curriculum or a two—to three-year flexible course. The significant difference between the two classes is that flexible learning allows you to savour diverse experiences and customise up to 66% of the course according to your needs and rhythm. At the same time, an intensive, fast-track route propels you swiftly into the job market. The employability rate of ESSEC Business School is 99%, thus giving a sense of job security and sense of achievement to its students. 

Global Ranking - 96

Course Fees- €39,000

HEC Paris

The MiM course at HEC is divided into two phases, allowing its students to adapt to the rapid market and gain applied skills. The first or core phase includes core courses, elective courses, and a compulsory sports and French course. Following this, students can take a gap year to enrich their resume and continue with the second phase to gain specialisation in a particular field and work on business projects. The second-year curriculum is vital in tailoring one’s experience and skills. The school's extensive alumni network and solid corporate connections provide ample internships and post-graduation employment opportunities.

Global Ranking - 1

Course Fees- € 26,600 per phase 

Esade Business School

ESADE's MiM program stands out for its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Students develop the skills to thrive in dynamic business environments through classroom learning, case studies, and experiential projects. ESADE’s location in Barcelona adds to the program’s appeal, offering students access to a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The school also envisions cultivating the best out of every student’s unique strength and cultural intelligence with inclusivity. Esade offers its MSc. in many domains, such as Business Analytics, Marketing Management, Digital Business, International Management etc.

Global Ranking - 8

Course Fees- estimated at €35,000 for 1st year

London School of Economics

LSE is a social science university and a public research university in the heart of London. Home to international students and a sizeable academic base, London offers excellent opportunities in terms of universities and diversity. It stands as a beacon of educational excellence and intellectual rigour. Renowned for its MiM program, LSE offers a unique blend of theoretical insights and practical applications in the management field. MiM at LSE forms a foundation in the fundamentals of managing people and organisations in today’s real-world business context. The curriculum takes an in-depth analytical approach and combines practical experiences such as business projects and international field trips. The course duration is 12 months full-time only.

Global Ranking - 17

Course Fees- £38,472

St. Gallen University (Switzerland)

St. Gallen's MiM program is known for its interdisciplinary approach and focus on global perspectives. With a curriculum encompassing a wide range of business disciplines, students gain a holistic understanding of management principles. The school's strong emphasis on internationalisation and cultural diversity prepares graduates for leadership roles in multinational organisations. MiM acts as a flagship to give its graduates international recognition. It sets a common standard in management education, which embraces and builds upon individual strengths and excellence in management education with affordability. 

Global Ranking - 301-350

Course Fees- CHF 2,500 per semester


Consider the curriculum structure, industry contacts, faculty expertise, and alumni network while selecting a MiM program. Choosing the best B-school depends on your interests, objectives, and professional goals. A MiM degree from a prestigious B-school can be a game-changer in helping you achieve your career goals, regardless of your preference for a job in consulting, finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship.

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