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Top Courses to Study In France

France is a fascinating destination. It is famous for its rich culture, breathtaking beauty, and reputed universities. Universities in France offer specialized courses in various fields such as fashion, business, film studies, etc. Other opportunities involve internships, research projects, and other outdoor activities.

Studying in France is an affordable option for international students. In addition, it is one of the safest countries with no significant crime rate.

Top Courses to Study In France
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Various courses have grown and become very popular among the international students.

Here's a brief of programs.

1. Study Fashion

France is known as the Fashion Kingdom. It is home to many leading fashion houses and brands. This country has one of the best fashion schools with rare exposure to offer in the fashion industry. For students who aspire to be fashion designers, France is worth considering.

Popular Programmes in Fashion Designing

  • Bachelor Fashion Marketing

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology

  • MBA Fashion Management

  • MSc in Design, Luxury & Management

  • UG Fashion Designer

Job Opportunities for Fashion Aspirants

  • Product Designer

  • Stock Associate

  • Retail Merchandiser

  • Senior Design Manager

  • Junior Merchandiser

2. Study Business

France is a popular destination for studying business. French schools have appeared among the top business schools in the world. These universities offer various popular courses, MBA lies on top.

Popular Programs in Business

  • Bachelor in Business Administration

  • Bachelor of International Business

  • MBA

  • Executive MBA

Job Opportunities for Business Aspirants

  • Business Developer

  • Sales Executive

  • Assistant Marketing Strategist

  • Revenue Manager

  • Account Manager

3. Study Film Studies

France is an exquisite place to set your skills as a filmmaker, cinematographer, sound Artist, scriptwriter, or director. Many French film schools offer courses that are more desired by the students.

Popular Programs in Film Studies

  • Bachelors in Filmmaking

  • BFA Filmmaking

  • BFA Film & TV

  • MFC Cinematography

  • Diploma in Filmmaking

  • Master LLCR in Film Studies

Job Opportunities for Filmmakers

  • Film Art Development Instructor

  • Senior Video Developer

  • 3D Artist

  • Video Editor

  • Motion Designer

4. Study Computer & Data Science

France is a prime destination for students who want to study in the various fields of science. As France has a great emphasis on research opportunities, it offers acceptable results in the field of computer and data science.

Studying this course in France will provide you with ample opportunities in the future.

Popular Programs in Computer and Data Science

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

  • International Bachelor of Computer Science

  • MSc in data science and analytics

  • MS in Computer Science

  • MSc in Data Management and Finance

  • MSc in data science and AI for Competitive Manufacturing

Job Opportunities for Computer and Data Science aspirants

  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Database administrator

  • Data Architect

  • Software Engineer

5. Study Culinary Arts

France is famous for its food and cuisine. There are diverse culinary studies programs chosen mainly by international students. Here you can learn from all the French desserts to the main dishes of French serves.

Popular programs in Culinary studies

  • Culinary Arts Management

  • Cooking Diploma

  • International Culinary Leadership and Innovation

  • Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management

  • Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Job Opportunities for Culinary Arts Aspirants

  • Front Desk

  • Chef

  • Restaurant Management

  • Sous-Chef

  • Chef de Partie

  • Food Stylist


These are the top courses to study in France. However, other programs, like Finance, Engineering, arts, etc., have high earning value. As France always gives a multicultural education. International students in France mainly value the above courses.

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