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Top Liberal Arts Colleges in India

-Shrija Roy

Liberal Arts is a termed art which focuses on skills and not fine arts. Liberal Arts education refers to the curriculum in Liberal Arts degree course. It includes the discipline humanities as well as its subdisciplines constitute the subjects like social sciences, natural sciences, psychology, mathematics, etc. The one who possesses a degree in Liberal Arts also possesses a good command over the soft skills which is useful in every single industry.

These are some top colleges in India which offer a degree in the same, here the list follows:

  • Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Azim Premji University

  • Ashoka University

  • MIT-WPU School of Liberal Arts

  • Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts

  • Auro University

  • FLAMES University

So, these were the top colleges of Liberal Arts. Having a degree in this stream can make a person industry ready. Also, though this stream is old, what makes it different is the skills one acquires in the process of learning and it is now being acknowledged by a wide range of students.

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