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Top USA, UK, and Canadian colleges offering MS in Information Systems

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

MSIS, MIS, or Masters in Information Systems, is a branch of information study using different components to collect and store data. It is an ideal course for students from several backgrounds, especially the ones who want to change their experience from management to data science. MSIS will help you secure a job in the IT field, and these universities will ensure you a promising future.

Popular Universities in the US offering MIS:

  1. University of California, Berkeley

  2. Carnegie, Mellon University

  3. University of Washington, Seattle

  4. University of Maryland

  5. Texas A&M University

  6. Arizona State University

  7. University of Houston, Texas

Popular Universities in the UK offering MIS:

  1. University of Manchester

  2. University of Oxford

  3. University of Warwick

  4. University of Nottingham

  5. University of Cambridge

  6. Imperial College London

  7. University College London

  8. University Of Edinburgh

  9. King's College London

  10. Middlesex University

Popular Universities in Canada offering MIS:

  1. Northeastern University, Toronto

  2. Concordia University, Montreal

  3. Ontario Tech University, Toronto

  4. University of Ottawa

  5. University of Calgary

  6. McGill University, Montreal

  7. Athabasca University

  8. University of British Columbia, Vancouver

  9. York University, Toronto

In summary, studying for a Master's degree in Information Systems can be a beneficial career decision, particularly for those looking to switch to the IT industry. As there is a rising demand for skilled professionals in this area, reputable universities in the US, UK, and Canada offer excellent programs. The list of popular universities offering MSIS, MIS, or Masters in Information Systems mentioned above serves as an excellent starting point for students interested in this field. Choosing the right university will help students acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the competitive field

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