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Ways to Avoid Anxiety During Preparation

-Shrija Roy

Preparation of the exam which lands you in your dream university requires abundant persistent effort. All say hard work is the key to success with smart work involved in it but least of them talk about how students go through the phase of preparation and can come across several days which can cause them to have cold feet for exams. Many of the students do suffer from anxiety when they prepare and due to this they fail to be productive at the same time.

So we have come up with some ways through which you can avoid anxiety and can focus on your productivity.

1. Meditation

Doing meditation will help you in controlling your emotions. It will also restrain you from getting overwhelmed and exhausted.

2. Have a Good Diet & Exercise

It is really very important to eat healthy in order to stay healthy and calm. Your mind works exactly the way you consume. Apart from that it is really important to have at least 3-4 hours of exercise every week in order to have good physical strength.

3. Study Daily

It really does not matter how long you study in a single day but how consistently you study.Studying every single day is the need of the hour. It keeps you on the track and does not let you deviate from the goal. Also in a longer term it will help you to not think too much about the future because every single day you would be learning. Afterall, persistence is the key to success.

4. Revision

Revision of every topic you study is a must. Without revision any amount of hardwork is futile. Also it could lead you to forgetting things often and which can eventually lead to anxiety. So, it's better to revise in order to avoid anxiety.

5. Drink Water

Yes! You read that right. Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily is the need of the hour. A properly hydrated body leads to a good amount of oxygen which makes the body and mind function well and when they will function well. One can never ever get haunted from the future.

So, these were some of the ways through which one can get rid of anxiety and can achieve productivity every single day without thinking too much about the future.Also, anxiety leads to no fruitful result, it only wastes one's time and energy but if one cannot get out of it, then the above listed ways are a must.

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